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Dimple Kapadia is very happy on getting a chance in Nolan’s “Tenet “

Dimple Kapadia is very excited about her upcoming role in Christopher Nolan’s upcoming movie “ Tenet” .  She started her acting career opposite Rishi Kapoor in Raj Kapoor’s “ Bobby “ . Since then she has been one of the most celebrated actors in the Bollywood film industry .

Dimple big fan of Nolan’s movies

Christopher Nolan’s “ Tenet “ will be Dimple’s Hollywood debut . She is there in a very significant role . Dimple has said that she had always been a big fan of Nolan’s movies . On being called for the audition Dimple Kapadia took it as an opportunity to meet the director and click a photo with him . With this film at the age of 63 she is making her entry into Hollywood . This is a very encouraging sign for every senior actor .

When she got the call for the audition she seriously believed that it was nothing but a prank call . Dimple Kapadia didn’t believe the fact that a director like Christopher Nolan would cast her in his film . After getting the call from the director she told her nephew that someone was seriously joking with her . She also told him not to keep his hopes very high .

Dimple was very scared at first because she hadn’t done any auditions in the recent past . She was very skeptical about the fact that she could forget her lines . Despite such thoughts she calmed herself and did it . After this she heard that Nolan was supposed to come to India for an audition . She went to meet Nolan along with her nephew Karan .

She took a picture with him knowing that she wouldn’t get a chance to feature in his film .  But when  she seriously got the role she was wondering how to prepare herself for the role . She informed her mother about the news . Her mother was very happy .

Nolan is a man of few words – Dimple Kapadia

She said that Nolan is a man of few words . He does one reading session with the actors . If everything is okay at the first go he leaves them on their own .  If he feels that something needs to be said the only he will speak to you . Otherwise he just watches your performance . The actors just need to do their jobs nicely .

She even said that she had watched Nolan’s film “ Prestige “ a few times . She even forgot the name of the director of this film . When  she told her nephew that she had received a call from Nolan then he said that he was the person who had directed the movie “ Prestige “ . On hearing this she was really very pleased .

Portions of the film were shot in Mumbai . Dimple was very receptive . She had arranged for gifts which were given to everyone who had come . After all India is famous for its hospitality . She was very cautious while treating her guests in Mumbai .

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