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Designers are tired of seeing few trends in 2020 and not wish to see in 2021

During this year 2020, we might have hardly seen any new designs trend to emerge out, but there are quite a few trends that were already existing or we can say that there are few trends that we might have already tired a lot before and which now need to be tossed. We have also got few designers who had shared their least favourite trend picks and which they want to see get completely or atleast partially disappear in the year 2021.

Although this year the Sneakers may have been and seemed to be the most comfortable footwear during this pandemic and also the most comfortable to step out during the months when we faced COVID and also for when you need to go for your grocery shopping, but the people have reached a saturation point where the style scape is now looking ahead  for some edgy footwear options.

 Designer Falguni Peacock had shared that she used to enjoy wearing the sneakers a lot because of the reason that they are super comfortable but she said that if honestly she is saying then she is dying to go back on those high heels and do a little change in her old sneakers fashion. Sneakers are also a lot exciting and plus they are on trend too, but she also said that she liked to see the people experiment with their off-kilter footwear.

Also, a section of style wants the brides to not blindly have any type of trends, but they want to cultivate their own individual styles on their wedding day and not just take the style of someone else. Monica Shah of Jade company said that the idea of sticking to trends needs to take a backseat in the upcoming years. She said that the Bridal wears is all about being timeless, unique and also at the same time it’s about being deeply personal. She said that they would love to see more of all that in the year 2021.

Designers are tired of seeing few trends in 2020 and not wish to see in 2021
Designers are tired of seeing few trends in 2020 and not wish to see in 2021

The Last few years have seen an array of brands who are claiming to be sustainable, but they say that the truth is that sustainability has become only a sordid marketing gimmick. But if we are talking about the reality then only a truly sustainable model needs to have a lot of investment and that hardly rings true for many of the homegrown labels. The designer Reby Kumar of Guapa said that the fake sustainability needs not to appear now ! She said that she is now bored of brands that are screaming for the sustainability that is happening without actually practising it.

She also said that everything has now become expensive and also unattainable. She would really love to see that in the year 2021 that the sustainability is made accessible in the year 2021. By Following all the ethical standards it should not be that the luxury cost that are being passed on to the consumer should be a norm. 

Since most of the people have spent their time in 2020 in their tracksuits, a lot of designers feel that the year 2021 should be all about going back and following all those classic tailoring codes and also embracing and appreciating a polished, sophisticated look. Gaurav Khanijo who is a designer as well says that he thinks that they are done with the tracksuit and the simple clothing in 2020 and that they also saw too much of athleisure pieces.

While he gets it that with most of the people are staying at home and that they are not moving around much and so the tailored and simple clothes does make a little sense. However next year there should be a little relief from the comfortable dressing and also that the fashion brands should collectively return to in accordance with the highest standards and the tailoring and construction techniques should be seen at labels like that of Alexander McQueen.

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