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December 13, 2001 – when parliament was attacked

In the year 2001, a huge attack took place on the Parliament. The attack was done by a group of armed terrorists on 13th December 2001. Today, that is on 13th December 2020, Sunday , India marked 18 years of that bad day. Our Prime Minister Narendra Modi also paid tribute to their martyrs who laid and lost their lives fighting for the country and it’s people.

PM tweeted with saying that we Indians will never forget the Parliament on this day back in 2001. We all recall the great bravery and the sacrifice of those all who lost their lives protecting and saving our parliament. India will always be thankful to all those who laid their lives in protecting us.

The President of our country – Ram Nath Kovind also tweeted and said that the nation gratefully remembers all the brave martyrs who laid their lives defending the parliament on this day 19 years back in 2001. Defence minister – Rajnath Singh said that the country will always remember their bravery and their sacrifice for the security that they provided.

On this day in the year 2001, terrorist had entered our parliament complex in a car that had got a home ministry pass which was faked with a fake identity sticker. Both the houses of the parliament were on a break off resuming to start the discussion again and that was 40 mins before the terror attack started.

At the time of the attack, several MPs , the ministers , officials or any other staff members had not left the parliament complex. There were around 100 members of the parliament in the building at the time of the attack but no one was hurt. The terrorists had AK47 rifles carried along with them along with grenade launchers, pistols and grenades. A gunfight between the security personals of our parliament and the terrorists took place which lasted for more than 30 mins in the parliament complex itself. However, the terrorist were not able to enter the parliament building. All the 5 terrorists were killed outside the parliament only.

December 13, 2001 - when parliament was attacked
December 13, 2001 – when parliament was attacked

In a total of around nine people died in the terror attack. In that eight security personnel and a gardener was included. Atleast 22 people were injured because of the attack.

The Indian Parliament was attacked by Pakistan based group of people. Jaish – e – Mohammed and Lashkar – e – Taiba were the ones who had trained the five terrorists for this attack and this attack was a planned one. As per the Delhi police investigation, the five terrorist were – Hamza, Haider alias Tufail, Rana, Ranvijay and Mohammed.

Investigating further showed identification as associates as Mohammad Afzal Guru, who was a former JKLF militant who had surrendered in the year 1994; his cousin was Shaukant Husain Guru, Shaukat’s wife Afsan Guru and S A R Geelani, who was a lecturer of Arabic at Delhi University.

All four of these associates were arrested and were also sent to trial in the court. While Afsan Guru was sentenced to imprisonment for five years and also to pay a fine and death sentences were imposed to the other three accused.  

Afzal Guru was hanged on 9th February 2013 and that was after 12 years of the attack.

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