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Covid rescue plan clears hurdle as US economy shows gains

U.S. Democrats moved ahead with President Joe Biden’s big package of Covid-19 early Saturday morning after agreeing on unemployment benefits and putting $ 1.9 trillion in the run-up to the final vote.

Negotiations in the equally divided Senate had affected the chamber action for about nine hours before the Democrats reached an agreement with Senator Joe Manchin, who disagreed with the level of benefits.

“This agreement allows us to move forward with the much-needed American Rescue Plan,” said White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki.

Votes to amend the constitution were due to take place on Saturday night, and a final vote is expected this weekend.

The outbreak came after strong US economic data showed that the world’s largest economy could eventually recover.

They included better-than-expected hiring in February as businesses affected by the epidemic began hiring again.

Payroll increases rose by 379,000 last month, almost double the number and forced the unemployment rate to drop to 6.2%, the Department of Labor reported.

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Most of the benefits came from the entertainment and hospitality industry, which was devastated in the early months of the epidemic.

However, the economy was still short of 9.5 million jobs compared to February 2020, before the epidemic began, the report said.

Biden said the data underscored the need for lawmakers to approve his $ 1.9 trillion aid plan, and his economic advisers said the current job flow would take two years to return to pre-epidemic levels.

Biden said that they can’t go one step further and two steps back. He then said that the recovery plan is very important in changing this.

But on Friday the whole bill seemed to be under threat.

The Senate’s concern was more than the amount and length of unemployment insurance benefits that were left unused during the epidemic.

Democrats struggled to keep Manchin’s support from increasing unemployment assistance, but eventually agreed to a relaxation that reduced unemployment benefits from $ 400 to $ 300 but extended to September 6.

It also provides tax breaks of up to $ 10,200 for those who find unemployment, but only for families making less than $ 150,000.

Machin said in a statement that they have reached an agreement that enables the economy to grow faster and also protects those who receive unemployment benefits from being hit by unexpected taxes. He also said that the amendment was later passed by the team lines 50-49.

Attempts to bring in a national minimum wage increase of $ 15 an hour – the most important in Biden – have failed, however.

Biden’s proposal will be the third largest package to help the economy cope with the coronavirus crisis.

Opponents of the Republic have argued that the latest plan is over, as the economy has already begun to recover.

Covid rescue plan clears hurdle as US economy shows gains
Covid rescue plan clears hurdle as US economy shows gains

But with the defeat of Manchin’s barrier, Democratic unity can see the balance on the line.

On Saturday morning the chamber resumed a endurance test known as vote-a-rama, which could see a majority of votes in amendments to the bill.

The Republicans pushed for a postponement but the Democrats, perhaps determined to suppress their opponents, rallied together and voted on the proposal so that they could plow further.

“Make no mistake: we will continue to work until we finish the job,” said Democratic Alliance majority leader Chuck Schumer.

With the Senate splitting by 50-50, Democrats seeking a guaranteed place cannot afford it. In the event of a joint venture, Deputy President Kamula Harris will cast a deciding vote.

Unemployment of the American people was at a very low level before the epidemic began but rose to 14.7 percent last April following the imposition of Covid limits.

Unemployment has decreased, but at a slower pace.

The view behind the February report was very steep, which Gregory Daco of Oxford Economics called “the beginning of the work.”

But in addition to strong employment by restaurants and bars, some sectors have seen small gains, with temporary health services adding 53,000 jobs and additional health care and 46,000 social services.

Some industries saw widespread job losses, including education and construction.

Long-term recovery

The report did little to change the power of the Senate, with Democratic Alliance leader Schumer continuing to press for a bid to pass Biden’s proposal, arguing that the economy remains stable.

“If you just look at the big number, you say, everything is a little better,” he said on Friday. But “it’s not the lower part of America.”

But Republican minority leader Mitch McConnell has called the constitution “a reflection of left-wing projects” and said “our country is already determined to get back on track.”

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