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COVID -19 vaccine could be ready in few weeks

Prime Minister Narendra Modi had scheduled a virtual meeting with the leaders of all parties on 4th December, Friday to discuss the COVID situation in the country during which he said that three vaccines are almost in trial stage in India and when ready, healthcare and frontline workers and elderly persons with serious aliments will be given top priority for the vaccination. On the vaccine challenges and the way forward, he said that main thoughts are on with the states about the dissemination and the pricing of the vaccine.

PM Narendra Modi said about the storage of the coronavirus vaccine is being looked into. He had asked the states to start working on cold storage facilities as Pfizer’s coronavirus vaccine, which is almost 95 per cent effective in preventing the virus, needs to be kept at minus 70 degrees Celsius or under. Many cities and towns across the world lack facilities for cold storage of vaccines at this low temperature.

He also said that with the help from state governments other types of cold chain storages and logistical support are being measured. Special software has also been developed for the vaccine stock and real-time information.

Experts think that the vaccine isn’t too far away and will be soon ready. PM stated that In the next few weeks, a coronavirus vaccine could be ready for our country.

He also said that the world is watching and waiting for India to make the cheapest and safest coronavirus vaccine. He continued that our scientists are very confident of succeeding in their endeavour of making coronavirus vaccine. The world is waiting and keeping a watch on the cheapest and safe vaccine. That is why the world is waiting for India.

PM Modi said that the teams of the Central and the state governments are working together for vaccine distribution in our country. India has the expertise and capacity in vaccine distribution and are far better compared to other nations. Our country has a very big & experienced network in the field of vaccination. We will fully exploit it.

At least 12 leaders from prominent political parties, including Leader of the Opposition party in Rajya Sabha Ghulam Nabi Azad, Trinamool Congress’s Sudip Bandyopadhyay and NCP’s Sharad Pawar was present in the meeting with PM Narendra Modi.

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Friday was hoping that Prime Minister Narendra Modi will state everything at the meeting about when will every Indian get free COVID-19 vaccine. His remark came ahead of the all-party meeting convened by the government to discuss the COVID-19 situation in the country, the vaccine challenges and the way forward.

Rahul Gandhi stated on twitter that In today’s all-party meeting, we hope the PM clarifies by when will every Indian get free Covid vaccine.  The government expects to receive and start utilising around 400-500 million doses and cover approximately 20-25 crore people by July 21.

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