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Combined power of Social Media and Fashion is limitless

Twenty – four year old Aishwarya Sharma from Delhi is passionate about fashion and styling. But there is one more thing that she is equally passionate about it, it is social cause. She therefore has selected both of it in a way that she can use her great understanding of fashion to bring about changes in the society. She talks about her fashion journey on how she loved everything about fashion, because that was something close to her heart. She said that she believed fashion to be a huge medium of change.

Like how many people it influences so many people every single day. The unfortunate thing she believes is that fashion bloggers in India are constantly looked down upon and considered frivolous. But it helps people to lift up their sense of understanding and awareness. And while she was pursuing fashion, it preached her to preach her style, I felt a need to show the world the power of fashion. Hence, she says that her “fashion + activism” came into existence.

She started with her blog ‘Figuramoda’ in 2017, with her aim to address the social issues existing in the Indian Society. Figuramoda is a latin word which means ‘fashion for all’. I thought there could be no better for a fashion activism blog. I also wanted it to be unique as the concept itself, she shares.

As a young fashion blogger, she was religiously following fashion trends and icons from all over the world.  But she truly fell in love with it when she realised the impact it had on young girls about what we feel about our bodies and the way we see ourselves in the mirror everyday and what all can change with a bigger and better perspective.

She looks up to designers like Siddhartha Tytler and JJ Valaya – and tells their work to be revolutionary and pathbreaking. She says that she has now joined hands with UN to work on reduced inequalities and to sensitise people. Along with this she has also been associated with a number of organisations working for gender equality, rehabilitation of acid attack victims, water, racism and sexual harassment for years now. As a fashion activist she started writing and talking about these causes from an influencer’s point of view. In the upcoming years she has some more important projects lined up for her and also some campaigns focusing on promoting education , health and safety of women and children in India.

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