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Co-WIN buckles under jab pressure, company warns people with medical conditions

Co-WIN buckles under jab pressure, company warns people with medical conditions. People with a weakened immune system or who are taking antidepressant drugs are advised not to take the anti-Covid vaccine, Covaxin, according to a press release issued by its manufacturer Bharat Biotech.

Earlier, the government had said that patients on immunosuppressive drugs or those suffering from anemia would take the vaccine, although the response was expected to be ineffective in such individuals. Often, cancer patients on chemotherapy, people living with HIV, and those taking steroids are under stress. While the risk of infection is high in such patients, doctors say that the effectiveness of vaccines is often very low in such groups.

Barat Biotech has advised people with hemorrhage or anemia to avoid being shot. Also, those who are severely ill, have a fever or have a history of allergies, other than pregnant or breastfeeding mothers are also advised not to take jab. The fact sheet suggested that if any recipient experienced Covid-19 symptoms, it should be recorded as a negative event with the results of RT-PCR testing as evidence.

Doctors said the paper could be due to adverse events, many of which were mild, reported nationwide.

Advice for protection: Biotech

Experts say that although a vaccinated person can catch Covid-19, the infection may be mild. The company said the advice was intended to be cautious. The company said that there is little chance that the Bharat Biotech Covid-19 (Covaxin) vaccine could cause severe allergic reactions … but they said that although it may not be very serious. He also added that symptoms of allergies may include difficulty breathing, swelling of the face and throat, rapid heartbeat, swelling of the whole body, dizziness and weakness.

They said that the vaccine and also the officer about all your medical conditions, including: Do you get the usual medication for a specific illness? They said that If so then how long will that situation take.

The Department of Health’s recommendation that prior to the release of the vaccine on January 16 listed the history of allergies to pregnancy, pregnancy and breastfeeding were contraindicated. As interim measures, there was a delayed vaccination delay of 4–8 weeks after recovery among critically ill or hospitalized patients as well as those with Covid-19 and patients treated with plasma recovery.

The clinical effectiveness of Covaxin is yet to be established and is being studied in Phase 3 trials. The pamphlet also said that therefore, it was important to understand that getting a vaccine does not mean that other safety measures related to Covid-19 do not need to be followed.

The government has received 55 lakh doses of Covaxin, distributed in 12 provinces and UT.

Co-WIN buckles under jab pressure, company warns people with medical conditions
Co-WIN buckles under jab pressure, company warns people with medical conditions

Designed to be the digital sensor center for India’s Covid-19 vaccine, glitch-prone Co-WIN has failed to put the integration efficiency into a major national project for the second day in a row. Some states faced minor issues on Monday that were quickly resolved, but most had problems finding data shortages, incorrect communication or complete system failure.

Like Punjab on Sunday, Haryana reduced the law requiring the mandatory use of the Co-WIN mobile app to plan vaccinations and record recipient details. The Department of Health can now vaccinate without prior registration. System administrators have been asked to upload personal data later.

Officials at the health department in Gurgaon said the program had not been working properly since. Co-WIN, which makes the process of sending pre-vaccation intimation to recipients, failed to send documents in advance to many registered users. Most of those who found the gun on Saturday experienced a “preliminary approach” to their appointment via SMS the next day.

In Assam, more than 2,000 health care workers could be vaccinated on Monday against a target of 6,500. The shortage is because of a major technical problem on the Co-WIN server that has forced the state to stop vaccinating in 24 different locations in 12 different states. The availability of vaccines on the second day was just over 49%, about 5% below Saturday’s figure.

Telangana health workers in charge of the Covid-19 vaccine at Government Chest Hospital in Hyderabad SR Nagar were required to verify and record data after the Co-WIN application failed to update the names of the beneficiaries. “The app is no longer fully operational. The manual procedure takes a while, but I think we have no choice but to follow this procedure until the technical issues are resolved, ”said Rary Premila, a vaccine at the hospital.

Informing vaccine recipients of their pre-appointment has proved to be a major challenge if there is no reliable automatic communication. Instead of receiving automated text messages on their phones, recipients receive calls from institutions.

Officials in Maharashtra, where the vaccine is scheduled to continue on Tuesday, said the Co-WIN issues they had marked on Saturday had been resolved and the revised plan now appeared to be stable. Nearly 50% of the session venues in 285 vaccination centers were built out of numbers on Monday.

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