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China Deploys ‘Sea-Wing’ Underwater Glider Drones in Indian Ocean

The Defence analyst HI said on 31st December, Thursday that It was the time at the Eastern Ladakh when the standoff was going on. It also stated that China had deployed a fleet of the underwater drones. These underwater drones can operate for months and can also makes observations for the naval intelligence process.

The HI Sutton wrote in a magazine named “Forbes” that these sea gliders that the Chinese are deploying an masse, they are a type a Uncrewed Underwater Vehicle which is known as the UUV. This was somewhat launched in the month of December in the year 2019, and they were recovered after making 3,400 observations in the month of February.

In the report that was given out, the HI Sutton had also mentioned about these gliders that were similar to the ones that were deployed by the US Navy. Out of that, one was already being seized by Beijing back in the year 2016. They did that to make sure about the passing ships to have the safe navigation.

The HI further added in the report that the events that happened in the month of December , last year suggests us that the 14 gliders would be deployed in the mission for our Indian Ocean, but out of that 14  ,only 12 were being used. It said that however these types of gliders are made and unpowered with large wings so that they can glide for long period of time.

China Deploys ‘Sea-Wing’ Underwater Glider Drones in Indian Ocean
China Deploys ‘Sea-Wing’ Underwater Glider Drones in Indian Ocean

As per the updates that were given out, the sea wing can carry CTD – which is the Conductivity , Temperature and also the dept sensors, not only these but they can also carry out the turbulence meter, the Turbidimeter and also the chlorophyll sensor, along with the dissolved oxygen sensor, and the nitrate and other biochemical sensors.

In a report, the HI Sutton also said that the gliders by the Chinese are placed in the Indian Ocean and they were also reportedly taking and gathering the oceanography data, they said that it sounds innocuous but however now it is commonly gathered for the naval intelligence process.

On the other hand,  Colonel Tan Kefei who is the Chinese Defenced Ministry Spokesperson said on 31st December, Thursday that Beijing and New Delhi are right now in consultation to hold the ninth round for the meeting for the Corps Commander – level and to also discuss regarding the disengagement of the troops in the eastern part of Ladakh.

Tan told an online media briefing that Since after the eighth round of the Corps Commander-level talks took place, the round happened between the armies of China and India. After the Chinese and Indian armies had a conversation and a talk regarding all that , the two sides have maintained consultations for the disengagement of all the frontline troops. They have also strengthened the management of border troops.

He also said that the situation that was seen before in the border areas are now generally stable, and he said that it was according to a transcript that was posted on the Chinese Defence Ministry website.

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