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Can’t give it all if you are thinking of price tag: CSK’s Gowtham

The Rs.9.25 crore nomination by Chennai Super Kings (CSK) as the most expensive Indian player in the IPL mini-auction left bowling round-rounder Krishnappa Gowtham shivering, but he was also happy and brought tears to his entire family.

Having played only two Kings XI Punjab games in last year’s IPL and did very little in 2019 in seven games, Gowtham, 32, has little to show for the performance of the T20 tournament.

But his knock, from 2018, has stuck in the minds of CSK executives. Gowtham hit the hammer with a thumbs-up for two when he and Jos Buttler scored 28 runs needed in the last two overs to win the Rajasthan Royals league match against CSK led by MS Dhoni.

Can't give it all if you are thinking of price tag: CSK's Gowtham
Can’t give it all if you are thinking of price tag: CSK’s Gowtham

Gowtham told that he never had any kind of numbers in my mind. He said that he has never believed even when the auction took place that this would actually happen. When it was all over, he was also literally shaking but at the same time he was very happy. My family and he was very happy. He also said that he was always talking to my wife; many feelings were there.

Gowtham, however, has a wealth of experience in first-class cricket that gives him confidence in his worth. He took 166 wickets in 42 first-round matches and hit nearly 80 strikes even over several days.

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A sum of Rs 9.2 crore is the last thing on his mind, he said. He also explained saying that he doesn’t put me under pressure. He has played too many home games. It’s about experience, it’s about home experience. It’s about how you turn it into power. He said that one can’t get out of there with a tag in your mind. You can’t give it all if you always think about price. He says that he  does not think you can ever do it the way you want. “That’s the way he thinks about it and go to the game.

Gowtham made his Karnataka Ranji Trophy match for the first time in 2012 but was left out of the team for three years, from 2014 to 2016, due to poor performance.

It took some work on dealing with the mind and skills to get back to the Karnataka Ranji team. You’ve been to a few spinner camps.

“I was working on the mental side. Maybe I used to get hope very easily. When I started to improve, I understood what it takes to be a good cricket player or a smart cricketer. It helped me there,” he said of his return to the Karnataka Ranji side.

The dip is back, this time in the IPL, after a good performance in the 2018 edition. He was under 2019 and played only two games last year.

He also said that he was upset about not getting a chance last year. At the same time, it was a team call; not what he was in control of. We have to respect the decision the franchise and the club management made. He said that he has learned a lot from Anil [Kumble] sir and that he haven’t played much, but they can’t think of the past.

Gowtham feels he has the ability to throw power into the power game and his full-blown strike late in the innings may have sold us a contract.

He also said that he could be the one to admire you in the power game and get 20-30 quick runs. He said that maybe that’s what they were watching.

Gowtham said playing with Doni was a ‘blessing’. And CSK is hopeful that Doni is preparing Gowtham well. CSK chief Kasi Viswanthan said that they needed an Indian off-spinner who could hit and provide the ultimate strike. He also thought Gowtham had that ability. We have analyzed his shooting and bowling ability, we feel he will be ready for CSK. They have seen him in the IPL, he’s done well, including us. Rajasthan Royals. It was also intuition. They have to get the best out of him. They also hope that [captain] Dhoni has the power to get the best out of him.

Gowtham believes he was lucky to have a supportive family. His father was Krishnappa and also he was a Karnataka kabaddi player and that he stressed the need for a strong body right from the start.

“The Kabaddi players are well-built. I’ve never been a very well-built boy. I was a very honest, very loyal boy. My father always scolded me; he always made sure I ate well protein, meat, etc. He knocked hard, forcing me to eat healthy food and more. That helped me,” he said. said the right-handed player.

“The playground helped. In my house, they were supportive. They made sure I never missed a rehearsal time. Discipline comes from there. They always made sure I was able to give as much as I could. Thank you very much and I am blessed to have such a family.”

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