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Canada’s Ontario faces second wave, to go on province-wide shutdown

Ontario on 20nd December, Monday announced that for a province-wide shutdown. This is because of a second wave of Covid-19 that is being faced in Canada’s most populous province.

The lockdown will be kept for the south part of the Ontario from 26th Dec. and that will go on until Jan. 23, but it won’t be this long for Northern Ontario, over there the lockdown will lift on Jan. 9. Health officials said and criticized the delay, out of which one top infectious disease doctor said that it was ridiculous to wait for the lockdown to get started until the day after Christmas seeing the condition getting worse.

Ontario is facing a lot of cases. It had seven straight days of more than 2,000 cases a day which were reported. The system shows the cases which are now could get to more than double in the month of January. Health officials earlier said that the place will need a four- to six-week strict lockdown and that could help to stop the spread of Covid-19.

Toronto which is the largest city of Canada, this place had already closed restaurants for the indoor dining but the schools still remain open. All the high schools in Ontario will now be closed until the month of Jan. Around 25 Elementary schools will also be closed until Jan 11.

After Covid-19 cases started getting high in the spring, Canada flattened the epidemic curve with a lockdown. But same like that in other countries, after the Covid fatigue set in, restrictions were also relaxed and a second wave came out.

Christine Elliott who is the Health Minister they have flattened the curve for the cases before and that they can do it again.

Dr. Barbara Yaffe who is the Associate Chief Medical Officer of Health, said that Ontario is in a very challenging and precarious situation right now. He also said that there are outbreaks anywhere people congregate.

Ontario Premier Doug Ford said that the delay for lockdown until Dec. 26 will allow businesses which are outside the current lockdown zones to get ready for it. He said it allows restaurants to get a chance to sell off some of their inventory which are already made. Ford said that he is not comprising anything, he said that he have to be fair to these businesses who have massive inventory.

Canada’s Ontario faces second wave, to go on province-wide shutdown
Canada’s Ontario faces second wave, to go on province-wide shutdown

Dr. Andrew Morris who is a professor of infectious diseases at the University of Toronto and also he is the medical director of the Antimicrobial Stewardship Program at Sinai-University Health Network. He said that Ford is prioritizing the economy over health and that can be seen by their delaying.

Anthony Dale who is the association’s president said in a statement that people across this province needs clear public health communication, and the 26th December implementation date gives a confusing message about what they should do and what they shouldn’t at this crucial moment. She said that they were already hearing that from the hospitals and health system leaders who were shocked to know that the restrictions will not come and start until after Christmas.

Dr. Naveed Mohammad who is the CEO of the William Osler Health System,  said that the people needs to act as if the lockdown had already started and they need to take precautions and safety measures likewise.

He also said that the hospitals in Brampton, Ontario are grappling with the capacity for the patients. He said that until the people of this province does not realize what each trip out their home have high risks for themselves and also for their loved ones, they won’t be able to get through this. He also advised the people and said them to please stay at home, starting today itself.

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