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Busting myths about diamonds, read to know more

Diamonds can be part of coal that has done well under pressure but it is a good thing, and one cannot describe its beauty in words. While it is a strong carbon footprint that has become the star of the precious and jewelery industry, there are various myths around and we thought it would bother all diamond lovers.

Busting myths about diamonds, read to know more
Busting myths about diamonds, read to know more

Bad investment option

First of all, diamonds may be the first choice for all jewelry lovers, but it is always thought that it is not a good way to invest. Vastupal Ranka, Director, Extraordinary Jewels from the House of Ranks Jewelers wants people to stop thinking that diamonds are a bad way to invest. Ranka said that It is thought that unlike gold, diamonds are not a profitable investment. The reality is different. For example, diamond solitaires which are bought 5-7 years ago cost 40-50% of the price.

“Some laboratories guarantee diamonds and jewelry. It assures the customer that diamonds have the right value and high quality,” he adds.

It gets lost

We often hear women complain that diamonds often lose their light but it is also a myth. Diamonds need to be kept, that’s all. Ranka says and explains that the Diamond is a ‘permanent’ symbol because it is precious and durable. If properly preserved, diamonds will not lose its brilliance. That is why kings and rulers of the earth have used diamonds extensively.

No resell value

Not only have their numbers been touted over the years, but diamonds have also become a hand-changing asset now. Saurabh Khandelwal, Owner of Dhanvi Diamonds says it is a misconception that diamonds do not have a resale value. Conversely, diamonds, if natural and certified, can be resold.

It can’t be broken

According to Saurabh, another myth that needs to be exploded is that a diamond cannot break. He said that although diamonds are the hardest thing known to man, they break. The diamond can crack and if it is hit in the crack line the diamond can split too. Therefore, the diamond can cut the diamond. It can also be damaged.

All that shines is not a diamond

Although there is a big difference between American diamonds and American diamonds, buyers are often misled into believing that they are buying real diamonds and not zircon, which is an American diamond. Saurabh urges consumers to be careful what they buy.

The larger is the diamond, the more will be the cost

Of course, size does not matter when it comes to diamonds. According to Saurabh the larger the diamond, the greater and higher the cost is also a myth. Smaller diamonds require more effort to measure and also to cut. The work of small diamonds is much greater than that of large diamonds. In many cases, small diamonds are more expensive than large diamonds.”

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