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Brahmaputra not just a river but manifestation of Assam’s diversity, peaceful coexistence: PM Narendra Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday highlighted the inseparable link between Brahmaputra and Assam’s life, life and culture and said it was not just a river but a manifestation of racial diversity and coexistence.

Presenting a series of road, water and digital development programs called ‘Mahabahu Brahmaputra’, Prime Minister Modi specifically mentioned the late artist Bhupen Hazarika and said that along the great river, he grew the culture and culture of Assam.

Assam Prime Minister Sarbananda Sonowal, Transport and Roads Minister Nitin Gadkari were among those who attended the Majuli event.

Brahmaputra not just a river but manifestation of Assam's diversity, peaceful coexistence: PM Narendra Modi
Brahmaputra not just a river but manifestation of Assam’s diversity, peaceful coexistence: PM Narendra Modi

Prime Minister Modi said Hazarika’s immortal Bazmaputra song ‘Mahabahu Brahmaputra Mahamilanar Tirtha, Koto Yug Dhori Aahise Prakashi Samanyar Tirtha’ (Expansive Brahmaputra ‘ -Assam.

He said that Brahmaputra is not just a river, it is a manifestation of the great proverb of the Northeast racial diversity and coexistence of the region.

The Prime Minister said over the years, many things have changed, but not to mention the countless blessings of Brahmaputra in the various religious, social and cultural contexts of the various ethnic communities living on both banks of the river.

He also said that this river is actually a sensory center for the potential of the state, power and also success.

However, Prime Minister Modi said it was ironic that instead of viewing Brahmaputra as ‘Assam’s Pride’, all these years since independence the river was treated as ‘Assam’s grief’ due to the floods and erosion caused by it.

However, Prime Minister Modi said, in contrast to the widespread view of Brahmaputra, his governments and Sarbananda Sonowal have since made a concerted effort to obtain countless blessings of the river from the state and its potential for Assam’s economic growth.

He also said that therefore, he feels very fortunate to embark on the most important projects today which are our government’s efforts to increase the capacity and opportunities of the Brahmaputra River and thus also move forward in the state development journey.

Projects include the construction of the longest bridge in India (Dhubri-Phulbari), a bridge spanning the island of Majuli and the mainland, the facilities of the Ro-Pax ferry and modernization of local vessels.

The Prime Minister reiterated the government’s focus on developing Majuli, the country’s largest river island, and said the government was committed to preserving Majuli’s unique culture, nature and protection from erosion and linking it to the continent.

Prime Minister Modi said he understood that the people of Majuli while proud of their culture, identity and existence had a desire to live through a network of improved communication, better public services, better health care, educational opportunities and an accessible and responsive government that could achieve their dreams.

He said that given this, Majuli has always been the center of their government in the institution and the province. That is why over the years they have made efforts to commit to the aspirations of the people of Majuli.

Premier Modi said he was pleased to announce that there was a significant change in Majuli – whether it was road infrastructure, health facilities, academic opportunities or administration, change was evident everywhere on the island.

The Prime Minister congratulated Sonowal on his efforts to commit himself as Majuli’s representative and as Prime Minister for bringing about this rapid change.

He also said that he is pleased with the fact that the government led by Assban led by Sarbananda Sonowal soon after coming to power lifted Majuli into a province making it the first state on the Indian island.

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