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Black doctor dies after racist treatment complaints

A Black doctor had recently died who was battling and suffering from COVID-19. He had complained that his condition was that because of racist medical care in widely shared social media posts and that was days before her death, encouraging an Indiana hospital system to promise a full external review that was done into her treatment.

Dr. Susan Moore who is a 52yrs old doctor had tested positive for COVID-19. He got tested positive in the last month and after that he was also admitted to IU Health North Hospital which is in Carmel place of Indiana. This information was according to a Facebook post that was shared.

The Physicians who were aware of her condition and medical procedures said that she had to repeatedly ask for the medication from the doctors and the hospital heads. She said that she shad to also ask for the scans and routine checks while she was admitted at a hospital in Indiana. She noted that particularly a white doctor in particular who apparently treater her pain and that she did not have the trust in the hospital.

She said that she had put forth and maintained, she said that if she was white then she would not have to go through that. She said all these in a video that got out on 4th December, her voice was often cracking while she was speaking. She said that that is how Black people are killed, when they send you home, she said that they don’t know how to fight for themselves.

Black doctor dies after racist treatment complaints
Black doctor dies after racist treatment complaints

According to her post, She was released and discharged from the hospital on 7th December that was managed by the Indiana University Health System, but she was again hospitalised 12 hours later when her temperature rose and also her blood pressure dropped down,

She was taken to a different hospital after that. She was taken to Ascencion St. Vincent which was in Carmel, and she said that she was experiencing better care over there.

Still, her condition started getting worse day by day and she was also kept on a ventilator. She died on 20th December 20. She had 19-year-old son whose name was Henry Muhammad, he was the one to tell about this news.

The coronavirus has a lot affected the Black people around the world, specially for the ones who suffer from higher rates of obesity, diabetes and asthma. The person suffering from all these makes him more susceptible to the virus. Black Americans are also more in need of a special care because of the systemic racism, inequity in health care access and also because of the economic opportunity.

Many Black Americans also reported that medical professionals take their conditions and requests less seriously when they are trying to seek for any kind of treatment.

Moore grew up and was brough up in Michigan. She got her medical degree from the same place at the University of Michigan back In the year 2002. According to a report she had an active medical license at the time of her death.

Muhammad who was her son had told The New York Times that his mother used to often experienced inferior medical care that was been given to her. He said that his mother had an inflammatory disease which was called as sarcoidosis. This disease attacks the lungs and she was also often treated for her condition that she had.

He told the newspaper that every time she went to the hospital she had to advocate for herself, also she had to fight for something in some or the way in order to get a proper baseline treatment.

Dennis Murphy who is the president and also the CEO of Indiana University Health said on 24th December, Thursday that he was a lot upset by the death of his mother He said that he was not able to that the medical team had failed the technical aspects for her mother’s care after a preliminary medical quality review but he said that the hospital members and the staff may not have shown them the level of compassion and respect that they strive for in understanding what matters most to the patients.

Muhammad also said that his mother was his best friend and she was also a sweet and very caring person, he said that she didn’t even get the chance to say her a proper goodbye before she left the world.

He told the ABC News that he was outraged beyond words … because if what his mom thinks was true and that it a serious matter and it was racism that was done by the hospital, and they also neglected her because of that partiality and he said that it is something that nobody should go through.

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