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Bill Gates: Next four to six months could be worst of pandemic

The co-founder of Microsoft and his foundation has been part of the effort to help develop and deliver the Covid-19 vaccines. Bill Gates warned on Sunday, 13th December that the next four to six months could be the worst of the coronavirus pandemic and for the situation of the world.

Gates who’s the co-chair of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation said that sadly, the next four to six months could be the worst of the pandemic. The Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation forecast shows around 200,000 additional deaths. He said that If we would follow the rules, that’s in terms of wearing masks and not mixing and gathering up in groups then we could avoid a large percentage of those deaths.

Back in the year 2015, Gates had already warned the people about such pandemic and he said that In recent weeks, the US is experiencing record high cases, deaths and hospitalisations. He also said that he thought that the US would do a better job handling this situation.

He said that overall, when he did the forecasts in the year 2015, he talked about the deaths potentially being higher. So, this virus could be more dangerous than it is. Thankfully, We didn’t get the worst-case. But he said that the thing that has surprised him is that the economic impact in the US as well as around the world has been much greater than what he had forecasted five years ago.

The Covid-19 has till now took the lives of more than 290,000 people in the US. Gates said that his “Melinda and Gates Foundation” has been funding and helping a lot of the research for the vaccines. He said that they are a partner in a thing called as CEPI, which is the second biggest funder after the US government.

He said that they want the world economy to be continue going. They want to minimize the deaths. And, the basic technology is a German company so he thinks that blocking international sharing and cooperation has been a big mistake during this entire pandemic.

Bill Gates: Next four to six months could be worst of pandemic
Bill Gates: Next four to six months could be worst of pandemic

Further, responding to a question, Gates said that he will take the vaccine publicly as the former US president, Bill Clinton, George Bush and Barack Obama, have said to increase the confidence regarding the intake of the vaccine among the people.

He said that he will do the same. When it’s his turn, he’s not going to budge, but when his turn comes up, he will visibly take the vaccine, because he thinks that it’s a benefit to all people to not be transmitting the virus.

Gates also said that access to the vaccine should be based on medical need, and not on the terms of wealth at all. He said that after all, this epidemic has been awful in the way that it’s exacerbated inequities. It’s been worse for the blacks, worse for low-income service workers, multigenerational households, in terms of picking who gets the vaccine, he said that we should better use equity to drive all such decisions.

Despite the availability of the vaccine coming soon, Gates said that the next four to six months really call on Americans to do their best and be protected by wearing masks and staying indoors. He said that because we can see that this pandemic will end, and we don’t want somebody we love to be the last one to die of coronavirus.

He said that he is pleased with the people and the priority that the president-elect, Biden, and that his team are bringing to bear on this problem. He said Biden’s doing his best and so he does think the US will not be one of the worst performers as the team comes into office.

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