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Biker groups plan to head out in the upcoming year 2021

Travel to Silk Route, Kerala, and Sri Lanka. Cycling groups plan to go out in 2021 in the hope that it will be calm.

American singer Willie Nelson sang in 1980 that he cannot wait to get on the road again. Cyclists and the bikers around the world look forward to doing so by the year 2020. Blocked from home due to COVID-19, the community connected almost and provided moral and psychological support. With the appearance of a vaccine and hopes for a return to normalcy in the new year, the relaxed spirits are once again eager to go out.

Buddhi Singh, founder of Motorcycle Expeditions, says, “Our boat of 100 bicycles is sitting in garages around the world, eager to get out and ride.” Since Buddhi’s clients are mainly foreign travelers, his Manali-based business came to a standstill. With the exception of a few exciting rides to Shimla, Dharmashala and the proximity to Manali, his party remained. He is looking forward to restarting the 2020 scheduled tour: India to Burma ride with Silk Route via Kashgar.

Their most popular ride was recently in Kerala. “That will be done at the end of the year, which is the season,” said Buddhi, who works in Germany, Australia, the US and Mongolia. Most of his company-driven trips are two weeks long and the most common bikes used are the BMW GS 800 cc (Europe), KTM 500 EXE (Mongolia), and Royal Enfield in India.

Buddhi said that they are looking forward to 2021 with a high level of optimism to get them back on track,” Buddhi said.

He also said that typically, they have an‘ annual ride ’calendar that is pre-arranged and announced before the end of the year and that this helps the passengers plan this trip, but there is no such calendar yet in 2021. Jayant Chitale who is the founder of the Mumbai-based Road Stallions motorcycle group said that he thinks that they will be doing a temporary ride.

Biker groups plan to head out in the upcoming year 2021
Biker groups plan to head out in the upcoming year 2021

But the big trip planned for November 2021 seems very reasonable to travel to the country of Sri Lanka. Jayant also said that they are planning a 10 to 12 day trip across Sri Lanka, visiting the country from end to end, stopping at tourist attractions and driving in.

Their first international exit was in Bhutan in 2018. This will be the second time they hope the epidemic will subside by the end of 2021.

He said that they are the only Bullet team and we only ride this type of Royal Enfield,” said Jayant, adding that the club was founded in 2008 and has a capacity of 160. As the epidemic subsides towards the end of 2020 cyclists begin to take a short ride to Hampi, Gokarana and Mudeshwar. He further said that they were the only four passengers on the trip. Their second trip to the coastal Maharasthra consisted of nine bicycles.

They knew the social health rules to be followed when they went out and took every precaution to reduce contact with the local people. They also did a lot of research before they actually started riding.

The beaches of Kerala are the place where the riders of the Bullet Crusaders will be in January 2021. The Mysore-based club was founded back in the year 2017 by Satish Narasimhan, a person who works for a German company. As soon as travel restrictions were lifted in the year 2020, 16 passengers of the group entered the road to visit Gandikota, Andhra Pradesh.

Satish said that it is the South Grand Canyon. The 75 club members consider themselves one large family. In 2019, they traveled to three countries including Bhutan and Nepal. During the COVID-19 era, they were simply traveling to nearby destinations. But 2021 awaits them with great hope. He said that the cyclists are keen to travel to Leh Ladakh again, if the situation is better.

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