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Bigg Boss 14: Rahul Vaidya’s mom confirms son’s marriage with Disha Parmar

Bigg Boss 14 contestant Rahul Vaidya, who is very close to his mother and who had voluntarily left the show as he missed him, had the opportunity to meet him during a recent family tour. The emotion of the emotionally charged musician and giving a song to his mother has already spread. In the video, Rahul’s mother Geeta Vaidya is seen talking to him about his wedding preparations with his girlfriend Disha Parmar and it has attracted everyone.

Now, in an exclusive interview, Rahul’s mother not only confirmed the wedding month, but also spent the beans on preparations. He also talked about his son’s decision to quit the game in the middle of him and was called ‘bhagoda’ (left) by host Salman Khan.

I’m so happy and also so glad I got the chance to meet him in real life. He was deeply moved when he saw me. We look at him outside every day but he is inside the house and he can’t see us so he was very emotional. In fact, all who lived in the house were happy to meet their family members.

Yes, the biggest disappointment was that I could not hug her. Although I was very close I could not touch or hug her because of the safety of COVID-19. We met through a glass wall. He sang a song for me and we both had great feelings. We got 11 minutes of communication. The first 4 minutes are only for light and vision. We can talk a little.

Bigg Boss 14: Rahul Vaidya's mom confirms son's marriage with Disha Parmar
Bigg Boss 14: Rahul Vaidya’s mom confirms son’s marriage with Disha Parmar

Yes, I told her that no matter what anyone says or calls you, we know you came out because you lost your mother. I told him just be yourself and we know you are a target and just keep going. I told her that she did not need to pay attention to anyone else.

To Salman Khan sir I would say he loves Rahul himself and he loves him. He is always pushing, supporting and motivating Rahul especially in the first rounds when the whole house was against him.

If she scolds him for a few things, that’s fine. I told him that if he said a few things, he should not take it to heart. And whatever he says to guide you. Who knew he would be disappointed when Rahul left the show in the middle because he was playing well and that’s why he had to tell him a few things. When he returned, Salman once told him that he had returned and would take the cup home.

The occupants of the house took the name of the bhagoda and tried to remove him. But I am glad that Rahul does not respond so harshly to the subject and at times even ignores them.

Recently, when Arshi called him Bhagoda he silenced him. I think it’s part of the game and the people who live in the house are always in touch when they get information about someone’s point. But it all depends on how you react. He was initially disappointed when Salman sir told him to run away from the game but now he knows what to do. Now, I have met him again and hope he will do better.

When Rahul appeared at the center of the show, Disha also came to meet us. After that he came to meet us three or four times. I talked to her mother. So, we have completed everything and made all the small arrangements. We are waiting for Rahul to come out, the minute you come out you will decide and complete the days. Date, location and everything else we will confirm at that time. But the basic preparations have already been made. Both families met and contributed to the rhythm of the wedding. Now, we are waiting for Rahul.

Disha doesn’t want to get married in the summer, so mostly we will have a wedding in June. This season is already over and they do not want to get married in the summer and will not wait for December. Itna lamba nahi kheechenge. We will have a wedding in June. I followed Rahul and showed him a few pictures again before he entered the house. But we did not know that he was thinking of Disha.

I am so happy that thanks to Bigg Boss I got my bahu for the show. After entering the house, you have made up your mind. He saw his feelings for Disha and was convinced that he was. She’s really good, she’s beautiful. He is a famous actor but he has come down to earth. She’s like any normal girl, bahu or beti that I really like about her. And he is my Rahul choice and if he loves him, we love him too.

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