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Biden nominates Indian-American Uzra Zeya to key State Department position

U.S. President-elect Joe Biden on Saturday nominated the new Indian – Uzra Zeya who is a strategist, who left his foreign ministry in 2018 in protest of President Donald Trump’s policies, as a key position in the Ministry of State.

According to the key figures in the Department of State announced by Biden , Uzra Zeya has been now appointed as the new Minister of Social Security, Democracy and Human Rights.

Wendy R. Sherman has been appointed Deputy Secretary of State, Brian McKeon as Deputy Secretary of Administration and Human Resources, Bonnie Jenkins has been the Secretary for Arms Administration and International Security and Victoria Nuland will be the Under-Secretary for Politics.

Biden said that this diverse and accomplished team, which is led by Secretary-General of the Presidency Tony Blinken, instills his core belief that America is very strong when it works with their partners.

Biden said that together, they have found some of the most important national security and political achievements in recent memory – and  that Biden is very confident that they will use their professional knowledge and skills to restore America’s global leadership and ethics. He also said that America is back again.

Uzra Zeya recently served as CEO and President of the Alliance for Peacebuilding, where he gained more than two decades of experience in Near East, South Asia, Europe, human rights and many other issues.

As Chargé d’Affaires and Deputy Head of Mission at the US Embassy in Paris from 2014 to 2017, he oversaw the day-to-day running of the Embassy,   six positions, and 50 offices and agencies operating in the U.S. government. He stopped opposing Trump’s policies in September 2018.

“So far, the top Foggy Bottom bosses look white, very masculine and not like Americans,” Zea wrote to Politico in September 2018 alleging that the State Department under the Trump Administration was dealing with racial and sexual discrimination.

Biden nominates Indian-American Uzra Zeya to key State Department position
Biden nominates Indian-American Uzra Zeya to key State Department position

He also wrote that personally, he have shot an arrow that the Trump administration is working with the labor force after leading the US Ambassador to Paris in three major terrorist attacks in three years and also after organizing a visit by President Trump Bastille Day.

He said when he returned to Washington, he was barred from a series of high-level jobs without explanation. Politico said that in two separate incidents, however, colleagues have told him that a senior State official is contesting for a leadership position – he and an African-American woman – on the grounds that we will not pass the ‘Breitbart test’.

From the year 2012 till the year 2014, Zeya served as Acting Assistant Secretary and Deputy Deputy Secretary in the Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor.

He joined the Foreign Service in 1990, operating in New Delhi, Muscat, Damascus, Cairo and Kingston. From 2011 to 2012, he was the Chief of Staff to the Deputy Secretary-General of the United States and helped shape the US response to the Arab Spring and worked to strengthen US engagement with emerging powers.

Zea also served as Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations Secretary-General, Executive Director of Secretariat, and UN Secretary-General.

She is the recipient of the Légion d’honneur, the highest honor in France, the Presidential Rank Award, and the 15 Superior Honor and Senior Performance Awards.

She had been graduated from Georgetown University School of Foreign Service.

With the key nominations in the State Department announced by Biden, Deputy President-elect Khethiwe Harris said, “This honorable team of esteemed ambassadors and experienced leaders is showing the best in our nation”.

Secretary-General of the Presidency Tony Blinken said, “To meet this need, we need a State Department that looks like the United States, led by different women and men who will not be afraid to challenge the status quo.

“This is the team. The United States is still the strongest force in the world to unite others to meet the challenges of our time. These highly motivated, enthusiastic, knowledgeable people will help keep our people and our country safe, secure, and prosperous.”

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