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Biden Inauguration Day: Agencies gear up to prevent repeat of US Capitol chaos

Biden’s incoming management strongly recommended safety with his team ahead of the January 20 inauguration

Frustrated during an attack on Congress by supporters of President Donald Trump last week, U.S. security forces They run a national campaign to end any violence before President Joe Biden takes office.

State and federal officials are examining online threats and threatening messages from members of Congress and confirming that security measures have the potential to end attacks.

A riot that happened on 6th January at the Capitol in Washington had forced the lawmakers to flee the interior of the building, and also fearing them for their lives.

One policeman along with the four protesters were also killed in the siege, which had began just after Trump called on thousands of supporters to march on the Congress with a view to suspending the final election victory certificate of Biden.

Trump, who was falsely claimed that he lost the election due to fraud, has now faced the charges in the House of Representatives on Wednesday during this week and also for encouraging his supporters to march on Congress. He has also faced growing calls for him to resign.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation has also given a warning that the armed protests which was in support of Trump are now planned for Washington and for all the 50 U.S officials during this weekend or in the days of the inauguration of Joe Biden.

Local authorities have been tightening security, especially in the war-torn areas where Biden has severely beaten Trump.

“Clearly, much remains to be done to prevent, penetrate, and prevent the deadly attacks and uprisings of violent domestic violence in the coming days,” two House Democrats officials, Jerrold Nadler and Adam Schiff, said in a statement Tuesday.

About 20,000 National troops will be on hand to open Biden, half of which will be in the city on Saturday in the event of protests this weekend.

National Defense Forces are assigned to provide 24-hour security inside Congress halls and act as police officers at the Capitol, enabling them to be arrested.

The National Park Service closed the Washington Memorial on January 24, and home-based airline Airbnb said it was blocking and canceling all bookings in the Washington area to prevent protesters from leaving the capital.

In Wisconsin, Governor Tony Evers authorized the KwaZulu-Natal National Army to support security efforts in the country’s capital Madison. Georgia’s highest court has ruled in favor of January 19 and Jan. 20 as a means of protection.

Biden Inauguration Day: Agencies gear up to prevent repeat of US Capitol chaos
Biden Inauguration Day: Agencies gear up to prevent repeat of US Capitol chaos

James Nash who is a spokesperson for the National Governors Association said that although the headquarters have been threatened and violent over the past few years, the current situation is different than before and that at least from the weeks that followed on from September 11, 2001.

Controversial messages have surfaced on the right-hand forums and forums about possible protests over the opening of Biden.

Trump defended his January 6 speech to supporters before marching on Congress as “absolutely justified,” but had a different message on Wednesday as public criticism of his Republican counterparts grew.

Trump said in a statement that the wake of reports of other protests. He does not urges no violence and also no violations of law and no vandalism of any kind.

Acting Deputy Secretary of Home Affairs in the U.S. Ken Cuccinelli on Tuesday appeared to be underestimating the threat posed by major cities.

“There are a lot of statements out there. And while we need to take them seriously, at the same time it would be a great opportunity to see what is meant by these threats happening,” Cuccinelli said in an interview with Fox News Channel.

However, a conference source who regularly reports on intelligence and intelligence analysis said the FBI was “taking seriously” the warnings of the Opening Day protests.

More investigations are underway into how Trump’s supporters stormed the Capitol building, and whether other public officials were involved. Mina

At least two Capitol police officers have been suspended and more than a dozen are being investigated for allegedly downsizing, assisting or stopping protesters. Off-duty police officers suspected of involvement in the violence have also been suspended by departments outside Washington.

A number of cases are still being investigated for possible crimes ranging from sedition to genocide to riot-related crimes, in the case of the Attorney General of the D.C. Sherwin called it an important terrorist attack.

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