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Australia about to Pledges $4 Million For Joint Research With India On COVID-19

c They have invested for the long-term health effects of COVID-19 and its early detection technologies along with the Australian Industry.

The Australia-India Strategic Research Fund is now going to finance in six new projects. It will be ranging from farming technology to coronavirus detection and other important aspects.

The agriculture puts it’s focus on developing risk management systems to protect the farmers from disasters. To help them with the problems associated with the climate change and demonstrate food-drying technology by using renewable energy can help reduce pollution in the sector of food-processing.

Apart from the new technologies for the early detection of COVID-19, the researchers are also focusing on the longer-term effects of the virus which are affected on the heart and lungs of patients who have already recovered from this deadly virus.

Karen Andrews who is the Australian Minister for Industry of Science and Technology said that she was pleased that the work for these important areas would be able to continue even after the COVID-19 pandemic had caused so much of significant delays throughout this year.

Australia about to Pledges $4 Million For Joint Research With India On COVID-19
Australia about to Pledges $4 Million For Joint Research With India On COVID-19

She also said that the latest funding will allow the Australian and Indian researchers to contribute to the global response for the COVID-19 pandemic. It will also include in crucial screening and diagnostic testing.

The Australian minister said that as a result of their shared commitment in finding answers through the help of science and technology, India and Australia have also tackled a number of shared challenges since it was established in the year 2006. The important progress has been made in areas including agriculture, energy and health.

The Australian government remains committed to their strong and strategic relationship with India. It helps and provides numerous economic benefits for both countries, she said this by an official press statement.

The Australian recipients of the grants are the University of Technology Sydney, the University of Southern Queensland, the Metro North Hospital, University of South Australia, and Health Service in Brisbane, the University of Western Australia and others.

In the month of June 2020, the Australian government had announced that their country would give a further of USD 15 million to extend the AISRF for next four years till 2024 and this will help bringing Australia’s total contribution to the AISRF fund to nearly around 100 million Australian dollars over the past 18 years.

The AISRF is Australia’s largest fund dedicated to the bilateral science collaboration.

According to the Ministry of Health till the present date, the coronavirus has killed more than 1,41,772 people with around 97,67,371 confirmed cases in India itself. Whereas In Austrtalia, COVID-19 lead to 908 deaths along with 28,000 confirmed infections as confirmed by the Johns Hopkins University.

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