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Arya Rajendra : 21-year-old is set to be Thiruvananthapuram mayor

Arya Rajendran is a 21yr old girl. She is in the second year of B.Sc with Maths. She could now be the country’s youngest mayor ever. She is the daughter of an electrician, her entire family are the supporters of the CPM. Arya is now to be titled by the party as a head of the Thiruvananthapuram City Corporation. This was after the LDF won around 51 of its 100 wards in the recent polls.

Arya is a girl who studies at the all-women All Saints College, she won from Mudavanmukal ward. Her father whose name is K M Rajendran said that theirs is a party family, she further also explained about the interest of Arya in politics. Rajendran’s wife name is Sreelatha. She  is a LIC agent, and his son whose name is Aravind, he did automobile engineering and he works in the Middle East right now, all those are also the CPM members.

Arya first became connected with the party when she joined its children’s collective Baalasangham when she was in Class 5. After that she became the district president, and since the past two years she has also been state chief of the Baalasangham. Due to her active role in the Baalasangham, Arya said that she was taken into the Students’ Federation of India and the CPM students’ wing and she has also been a part of its state committee. She said by attributing the CPM’s decision to choose her as mayor, she said that the formal announcement is said to be expected by Saturday.

Half of the seats in the local bodies of Kerala are reserved for women, while the other top elected posts are reserved for women for alternate terms. The last mayor was a popular leader who was V K Prasanth, now it was the turn of a woman to hold the post. The two women leaders that the CPM had projected as mayor had both lost the candidates.

Although being active in politics for years, Arya had to keep her academic life apart. Both her college and the school she studied in which were Carmel Girls’ Higher Secondary School and also the Church-run institutions, she said that they don’t look favourably on campus politics. Arya expects that she won’t be able to attend her classes regularly soon after she takes up her new assignment. But all her teachers and friends are really very helpful for her. She also said that she will figure out a way to continue her studies as well.

Youngest Mayor, 21-year-old is set to be Thiruvananthapuram mayor
Youngest Mayor, 21-year-old is set to be Thiruvananthapuram mayor

She and her family lives in a small house. They are the native of Thiruvananthapuram and they live there. They are paying a rent of Rs 6,000 per month. She said that they never discouraged her participation in politics. Arya said that she have visited almost all the districts in the state. But she has only travel outside Kerala and that has been to Mumbai and it was arranged by her mother’s office. She said that she don’t remember much as she was in Class 6 at that time. It was due to her family’s financial pressures that she has elder brother migrated for work, she adds.

One of the Arya’s role models is the Health Minister of Kerala Health named K K Shailaja, she appraised her for the amazing work that she has done during the Covid pandemic situation. She also considers Sugathakumari as her role model who is a veteran Malayalam poet and also an activist who died this week, and one another person named K R Meera who is a prominent Malayalam writer as inspirations. Arya says that occasionally she accompanys her mother to temples and also in visiting church. She believes in positive energy, and that is what God is for her, but she says that she stands against superstitious beliefs.

Kadakampally Surendran  who is a Top CPM Thiruvananthapuram leader and also a minister, says that he has been seeing Arya since she was a little girl. He says that the youth and the new generation, both of them are the future of this country. They have that kind of clarity about the need for transparent political system and also they have bigger dreams and a vision. He says that she has experience and also she is very good. Her age is not a reason to worry about as they have plenty of examples of young civil service officers who are delivering amazing work as district collectors.

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