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Arjun Kanungo: 2020 was the best year and 2021 will be better!

While the coronavirus has surrounded the world and the COVID pandemic has changed the lives of each one of us in different ways in the year 2020, there are still many people who are thankful for the year that was. This last year 2020 has left a great mark on our though processes and almost all aspects of the lives of the people.

For the singer, composer and also the lyricist – Arjun Kanungo, as he says it was one of the best years that he has got in his life for many reasons that also including his fairy-tale proposal that he dud and about his engagement with the model and actress –  Carla Dennis.

Arjun tells that when the year 2020 began, he had felt like this was the year. , he also said that he woke up early at 6am on 1st January.

Unlike all the previous years he did not wake up late nor did he postpone his goals till the 2nd January. He said he wanted to make this year different than rest of the years and he was also making his debut as an actor in his first Bollywood film, ‘Radhe’ with Salman Khan for the first time in this year, he said he had six back-to-back singles lined up and also the live concerts were on it’s way and then, all of a sudden everything stopped and there was the news of COVID-19.

Arjun Kanungo: 2020 was the best year and 2021 will be better!
Arjun Kanungo: 2020 was the best year and 2021 will be better!

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Arjun was at a concert which was held in Assam when he got to first hear about lockdown. He said he remembers he was at a concert venue when they heard about everything and that the whole country was shutting down. He told his audience, who were from a medical college in Guwahati that he felt that this was something serious and this can also be his last performance for a while.

He said that he flew back and he and his girlfriend went straight to the supermarket and they bought food for the entire month. People around were also seen talking about stocking the food, masks and sanitiser.

Around to about 15 concerts got cancelled within that nigh. He said he was going to perform at the Indian sports honours in few days and that too got cancelled. He said that the theatrical release of his new film Radhe which was scheduled to be in Eid 2020 also got postponed and all shoots were cancelled and he felt like the world was nearing to it’s end.

 Arjun took took time to adjust with the pandemic and lockdown like everyone else did, bit he shares that in all of this there was an opportunity to get closer with the family and that they had spent days cooking together and cleaning together and that was something he had not done after his college. He also said that he got to get close with his girlfriend and there was not even a single time when they fought instead they got to know each other even more better and then he realised that he wanted to marry her and she said yes!

 Arjun also said that he has closed down his recording studios and moved all his studio equipment to his home. Everyone were told to work from home and so between March to September he wrote more music than he got to ever write in the past three years.  He said he was much more focussed with work because there were no distractions and was also consistent with connecting with his fans on social media.

He said that Covid made him to realise that what is truly important, personally and professionally. It forced him to adapt. And now when he looks at it, he feel like it was a sign from the universe.

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