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Anurag Kashyap-starrer is meta-meta: AK vs AK movie review

A flop director as he was called by the people. And a successful long-time star, a tale which was made with both real and not-real. A movie that was made by borrowing from the real-life personas of the two main persons: Anurag Kashyap, along with Anil Kapoor, an actor who was the former, movie-mad creator and who amazingly fits any character and any role, and a person who is still working and who is still in demand.

The movie is made with a little early twist, this movie ‘AV vs AV’ involves kidnapping of the daughter of Anil Kapoor and the movie needs you to suspend the disbelief: could the Kashyap that we know and we have seen really be behind the act; can the Kapoor always be known for his civility? Or are the two of them are playing hyper-hypo-real versions of themselves only in the movie?

Anurag Kashyap-starrer is meta-meta: AK vs AK movie review
Anurag Kashyap-starrer is meta-meta: AK vs AK movie review

Motwane’s movie is not just meta infact it can be said that the movie is a meta – meta because some parts in the movie hits you too close to the mark, and some parts are just out of the mark. It is said that overnight and in one day no can become a star, unless and until your surname is Kapoor, as this is smirked by Anurag and this caused Anil to wince.

This line, about the longevity of the Kapoor’s and Khans in the Bollywood industry have been well – known. But even we know that Anil was not born with a golden spoon, even he had to work hard for his success. And would AK Jr will ever be able to say this to AK Sr on his face?

Another major twist that comes at a much later in the movie, forces us to look back again and think about our perceptions. Can Anil Kapoor, whom we all Indians have known as a hero on screen with his characters like Lakhan and Munna, can he be a real-life ‘nayak’?

Any detail given out of this movie-within-a-movie can be a spoiler for all. The movie could also as easily have been called as the title ‘raat ek baat ki’, or ‘Mumbai raat ki baahon mein’ or and any other film which involves a bunch of people who are roaming around the streets of a city.

A place where people never sleeps, where anything can happen at anytime, and where a place which is called as the dream city. Because it’s a place where the stars live, and when the stars come out and are on the roads, they belong to the public who are crazy for them. Or are those the characters instead of the actors that they play in the movie that we public adore?

A sequence which gave us goose-bumps is when Anil comes out in the crowd and becomes a chameleon. He looks like he is desperate, and that he is looking for someone. But the people who can recognize him, start holding out their phones for selfies, and are delighted to be in the presence of their famous hero of the one-two-ka-four-Lakhan.

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