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Anil Ghanwat : Farmers will get justice on farm laws

Anil Ghanwat : Farmers will get justice on farm laws. The SC on 12th January, Tuesday, after putting a hold on the farm laws’ implementation had formed a four-member panel to listen to grievances of the protesting farmers and for the point of view of the government of India on the issue of the same. The committee is now looking ahead to submit its report to the court on the same within two months

Entered into a four-member committee set up by the Supreme Court to hold talks with farmers who break new rules on the farm, Anil Ghanwat on Tuesday said “protesting farmers will get justice.”

The Supreme Court on January 12 maintained the application of three farm rules and gave a committee of experts to hear farmers’ complaints about farm rules and government opinions and sent its report to the court within two months.

Anil Ghanwat who is the president of Shetkari Sanghatana, a farmers’ organization based in Maharashtra told that the organization must stand in a certain place and a law should be enshrined in farmers. Produce Market Committee (APMC), that they will make it clear and they need reassurance that everything that happens is in their best interests.

He also said that many union leaders and farmers want the freedom from APMC rule, he said that this must be stopped and the farmers must be given the freedom to sell their produce. This has been in the demand since the past 40 years.

Anil Ghanwat : Farmers will get justice on farm laws
Anil Ghanwat : Farmers will get justice on farm laws

Meanwhile, the leaders of the protesting farmers have made it clear that they will not accept the court’s decision to establish a committee. According to farmers’ leaders the central government is bringing the committee to the Supreme Court. They said all members of the committee supported the government and the members were reforming the rules.

Ghanwat said it was completely wrong for farmers to believe that.

“It is a completely wrong view. Ashok Gulati is not a political leader or part of any party, he is an agricultural economist. be resolved to benefit all farmers of the nation, not just the farmers of Maharashtra or the Punjab. “

In addition to Ghanwat, other high court-appointed committee members include Bhupinder Singh Mann, Mann of the Baratiya Kisan Union group, Pramod Kumar Joshi Director of the International Food Policy Research Institute and agricultural economist Ashok Gulati.

The panel, Ghanwat said, would not begin its work until it received guidelines from the High Court. He added saying that as soon as it arrives, they will meet with all the farmers’ leaders and will also get their opinion on what they need and how it can be done.

Ghanwat also said that he will set aside his views and he said that the angry farmers’ leaders must work with the committee and express their views.

Farmers have been also protesting in various parts of the national capital and near the borders of Delhi since the month of November last year, they are protesting against three recently enacted farm laws – the Farmers’ Produce Trade and Commerce Act, 2020; The Price Assurance Agreement and the Farm Services Act 2020 and the Important Property Act (2020).

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