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Amitabh Bachchan shares an incident from his school days

The latest episode of Kaun Banega Crorepati season 12 started with a contestant named Priya Kour. Host Big B who started the show by talking about the guests of Karamveer special episode. The special guests on the hot seat were the Girls of Higher Secondary School from Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh’s Principal named Usha Khare and also Ranjit Disale from Zilla Parishad’s Primary-Secondary school. They were joined and accompanied by Bollywood actor Boman Irani.

Mr Bachchan shared that Ranjit Disale who was present over there recently won the Global Teacher Prize in the year 2020. He got selected from over 140 different countries and around 12,000 nominations of Teachers and he became the first Indian to get this honour. Big B said that they had already recorded the episode with Ranjit Disale few days back but they want to congratulate him on his achievement through a video call.

Ranjit Disale said that he dedicated this award to all the teachers who are working in different villages to educate the kids of the village and also to educate the future generation. Mr Bachchan told that Ranjit had distributed the prize money which he got for the Global Teacher Prize 2020, the amount which was Rs 7 crores 40 thousand. He distributed it amongst all the 10 finalists equally. Ranjit shared that sharing is growing and he felt that all the other candidates who were in the list are also working equally hard and they all deserved it and so he shared the amount.

Big B then invited the two Karamveer guests who were Usha Khare, (National Teacher’s Awardee) and Ranjit Disale. Usha Khare shared that teaching was in her blood and that it came from her father who would teach underprivilege kids, dropouts, and even adults. She further said his father would ask her also to teach the kids and she said that she liked doing it. Mr Bachchan asked Boman Irani that as a kid how he was as a student. Boman told and shared that his mother was a single parent and as a kid he had a problem with speech defect.

Amitabh Bachchan shares an incident from his school days
Amitabh Bachchan shares an incident from his school days

He also revealed that he would stammer while speaking and lisp. He said that he used the lisp thing which he faced as a kid in his character Virus from the film 3 Idiots. Boman further said that as a kid he would feel very bad as people would make fun of him and also laugh at him and so he started becoming quite. He shared that but the only thing that gave made him happy was when he stepped on the stage to sing or dramatics. His mother decided to send him to a speech therapist and she always encouraged him to do what made him happy. She would ask and tell him to watch films everyday.

Boman decided to ask Big B how he was a student during his childhood days and Mr Bachchan replied saying that he was a coward. Mr. Bachchan revealed that he would do many things as a kid and would not even let anyone know about it.

He narrated a story back from his childhood of a time when he and his friends were attacked by a rock viper snake. While they were running out of fear, they saw a hunter on the side of the road and they asked him for help. The hunter helped them and killed the snake.

Mr Bachchan told Boman that he and his friends took out a hockey stick and then they put the dead snake on the end of it and they started walking towards the school and flaunting as a sign of their victory. The Principle came to know about it and asked them what they did. After knowning that they had killed a snake, he asked them to come inside and that they will get beaten with a belt six times.

Talking about his principal, Amitabh Bachchan shared their principle emphasized on truth. He would ask them that do we know that we have done is something wrong? and they would reply saying yes and then their principle would say that he is going to give him six cuts.

Big B then tole that the school he used to go had a separate room in a garage where many oiled sticks were kept. He and his friends were told to bend down and hold the handles of a wheelbarrow that was in the room. Then their principal would take the sticks and hit them on the back. Boman Irani and the guests laughed a lot.

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