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Americans will not be forced for COVID vaccine

US President-elect Joe Biden said that Americans will not be forced to take the coronavirus vaccine and he will willingly get vaccinated publicly to assure any concerns of people regarding the efficacy and safety of the vaccine.

Joe Biden says that he don’t think the vaccine should be mandatory and he wouldn’t demand it to be mandatory as well, but he would do everything in his power just like he don’t think masks have to be made mandatory nationwide, Biden told this things to reporters at a news conference which was held in Wilmington, Delaware.

Biden was responding to a question which asked about  COVID-19 vaccine to be made mandatory.

The now President, who is about to take office and administration on January 20, said that he will make sure that the vaccine is both free and available and that any follow up on the vaccine is free and available for all the citizens that relates to any health complications caused from it.

He also assumed that he will do everything in his power as the president of the United States to encourage people to do the right thing, and when they will start doing it, it will demonstrate that it matters. That’s why he said in his inaugural speech that he’s going to ask people to commit themselves for 100 days to wear a mask, not because he’s asking it or to punish-this is not a political issue, he stated.

He further continued saying that It has become one of the political issues, but if people do it for 100 days in the middle of what will be still a raging crisis and the vaccine is able to be distributed, they will be noticing that the death ratio drop off the edge.

The people will be seeing that hundreds and thousands of people will not be falling sick as they are now; and he hope that the public will then be inclined to say that it’s worth the patriotic duty to go ahead and protect other people of the nation.

On Friday the US recorded by around 2,860 new deaths and has confirmed more than 14 million cases in total and more than 275,000 deaths.

Biden said he is willing to get vaccinated in public to clear any concerns about its efficacy and safety.

He think that taking the vaccine and people seeing him take that vaccine is going to give them some confidence, Biden said, responding to a question adding that what bothers him the most is the confident and forceful statements the Trump administration is making about how this is going to go away.

It was reducing confidence among people around the board and the American people overall, but particularly in this administration with the African American and Latino community, what he heard from his friends in the community who are not far off but blocks from where they stood, is that, they’re not going to be the guinea pigs. Well, the fact is that they won’t be, he said.

Biden said that we’re going to see a lot millions of Americans taking the vaccine and we’re going to see the president of the United States and three of the four living former presidents doing it publicly along with me as well. It’s going to take some effort to rebuild confidence in science because it’s been so diminished in this administration post COVID effect thus far.

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