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Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos Tops List of Richest Charitable Gifts in 2020

The richest man in the world has made the biggest donation by 2020, according to the annual list of top donations, The Chronicle of Philanthropy, a $ 10 billion donation aimed at helping fight climate change.

The founder and CEO of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, his estimated $ 188 billion which is approximately Rs. 13,76,800 crores, used his donation to launch his Bezos Earth Fund. According to the Chronicle The fund, which supports nonprofits involved in climate change, has paid $ 790 million that turns out to be approximately Rs. 5,800 crores to 16 groups so far.

Putting aside Jeff’ biggest gift, however, the total of the top 10 donations last year, $ 2.6 billion (about Rs. 19,000 crores), was the lowest since 2011, even though many billions have greatly increased their wealth in the stock market stocks of technology used especially last year. According to Americans on the left of Tax Fairness and the Institute for Policy Studies, from March 18 to December 7, 2020, Bezos’ wealth increased by 63 percent, from $ 113 billion (approximately Rs. 8,27,600 crores) to $ 184 billion (approximately 13,47,600 crores).

Phil Knight, who had made his wife, whose name was Penny and the one who made the second and third largest donations last year in 2020 according to the Chronicle, increased his fortune by about 77 percent in the same period from March to December. UK Knight and his wife have donated more than $ 900 million (approximately Rs. 6,600 crores) to the Knight Foundation and $ 300 million (approximately Rs. 2,200 crores) to the University of Oregon.

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos Tops List of Richest Charitable Gifts in 2020
Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos Tops List of Richest Charitable Gifts in 2020

Fred Kummer, founder of construction company HBE Corporation, and his wife, June, have donated $ 300 million (approximately Rs. 2,200 crores) to establish a program funding base at Missouri University of Science and Technology.

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and his wife, Priscilla Chan, presented the fourth largest donation to the Chronicle: A $ 250 million (approximately Rs. 1,800 crores) donation to the Center for Tech and Civic Life, which worked on voting on security issues in the 2020 election. Zuckerberg, whose fortune nearly doubled to $ 105 billion (approximately Rs. 7,68,900 crores) in the period March to December according to Americans Tax Fairness and the Institute for Policy Studies, has been widely criticized and called to testify before Congress over his company’s handling of false information. during the run-up to the 2020 presidential election.

In fifth place was Arthur Blank, founder of Home Depot, who donated $ 200 million (approximately Rs. 1,460 crores) to his foundation at Children’s Healthcare in Atlanta to build a new hospital.

Bezos and Zuckerbergs built the following rankings in the top 10 last year, with $ 100 million (about $ 730 million) – Bezos of Feeding America to help food banks across the country and Zuckerbergs in the same electoral security team.

They are then followed by Stephen Ross, who is the founder of a real estate company; David Roux who is the founder of Silver Lake which is a private company, and also his wife, Barbara; George, and Renee Karfunkel who are the real estate investors; and Bernard Marcus who is the founder of Home Depot; and last Charles Schwab who is the founder of Schwab Financial Services, along with his wife Helen.

The two billionaires who donated the most to charities in 2020 the last year, was the ex-wife of Bezoz – MacKenzie Scott, and Jack Dorsey who is the founder of Twitter – who do not make the Chronicle list because not a single donation that were done was enough to qualify them. In the month of February, Chronicle will publish its list of 50 major donors, which also includes the collectibles and not the individual gifts.

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