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After Dalgona, ‘Proffee’ Is The Latest Viral Coffee Trend On The Block

Proffee or which is also known as the protein coffee is the latest coffee practice to take social media by storm. Here’s how to do it right!

• Professional or Protein Coffee is the latest brewing coffee practice

• It is made by using a mixture of the protein powder and a good coffee

• Here’s why this recipe has turned into an all-night feel

Dalgona’s coffee was one of the simplest recipes that spread last year. The most sought-after recipes like each year for Google In Search, basically include whipping up a mixture of coffee over milk and making a delicious and attractive drink. The best part of the year 2020 was spent by us at home trying to get a complete picture of the brave nature. Caffeine addicts love this amazingly simple drink, while the Indians claim that it is no different from the traditional ‘Paint Hui Coffee’. If you haven’t been able to get enough Dalgona coffee, we have another practice you need to try. ‘Proffee’ is the latest form of viral coffee in the block that has taken the media by storm.

After Dalgona, 'Proffee' Is The Latest Viral Coffee Trend On The Block
After Dalgona, ‘Proffee’ Is The Latest Viral Coffee Trend On The Block

The coffee practice had first started on TikTok, and Proffee quickly poured it on Instagram and with near to 66k posts on the hashtag #proteincoffee. Proffee is basically nothing but a combination of protein and coffee stimulation. The protein content adds extra body to the coffee, thus making it more saturated and keeping us full longer. The habit has turned into a rage among fitness enthusiasts, who want to increase their protein diet without giving up their favorite coffee cup. Truly the best of both worlds!

Protein is also one of the most important macronutrients in the diet, it is specially for those who are watching their weight. Nutritionists and also the experts recommend the inclusion of protein in the first meal of the day, in order to avoid premature hunger pangs and to curb the craving for snacks. So, a protein coffee or Proffee is a great recipe to start your day on the right note.

How to Make Him Proffee | Protein Coffee Recipe

The best part about Proffee is that it can help you start your day with a high protein diet without having to hit a high breakfast. All you have to do is make your own cup of coffee and milk and coffee, and mix it to stir the protein. You can also use protein powder in small amounts. Mix well and avoid adding extra sugar to keep the vibration healthy. Your sweet proffee is ready!

Feel free to try and create your own profile of Proffee. What would you like to add to the latest coffee tradition? Tell us in the comments below!

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