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News Desk tells you stories that no one will dare to. We do not miss any occurrence in or around the state and Pan India. We provide you with unbiased views. Thus, enabling numerous conversations while the rage lasts. Our team comprises of the best news presenters, journalists, story-tellers, editors, producers, and designers who source the latest news just for you all. We have the complete understanding of the chaos going around. And try to capture the happenings at the very beginning. Moreover, you can access us on web portals in the form of news articles, videos, infographics, and documentaries.

We want to take news out of the studio. We will unearth the happenings and try to present them in front of our viewers. Moreover, we check all the facts behind a news piece before presenting it on the portal. Thus, you can expect real, unbiased, fact-checked pieces of articles on our news portal. We are very different from other news portals, who act on the spur of the moment.

We have a plethora of long-form investigative news formats, short documents, and documentaries as well. In our eyes, today journalism takes a new step forward. We are eager to dish out some really good reads and meaningful reads today. If you ever come across any piece of news, that is irrelevant or not fact-checked, you can feel free to get back to us. We will issue an amendment as soon as possible or an apology over it. If you want to pitch a story, you can mail us or call us. Somebody from our team will definitely get back to you. Moreover, we also take grievances. Mail us about your civic grievances, and we will make sure that you are heard.