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Abir Chatterjee Attacked By Corona, Hospitalized

Abir Chatterjee is admitted and the test results show that he is corona positive . The actor had been hosting the famous musical show. You should know of a few cases of Corona virus infection, pertaining to the Tinsel Town. In October of 2020, the reality show ‘Saregamapa,’ saw the judges Manomay Bhattacharya, Aakriti Kakkar, Srikanth Acharya, and Mika Singh getting infected with the virus. At that time, the reports of the host Abir Chatterjee and another judge came negative.

Now, there is yet another actor, Abir Chatterjee who has admitted to being infected by the virus.

Abir Chatterjee Attacked By Corona, Hospitalized

However, later Abir Chatterjee gets infected by the virus. However, he is quite healthy at the moment. In recent interviews, Abir Chatterjee said that ‘nothing is certain in life.’ Abir is currently staying in isolation. He has said that his family members will soon go for Covid-19 tests. He asks everyone to pray for their safety. He even said, that he has worked with producers who have maintained strict sanitization norms, but still he tested positive for the virus.

How Abir Contracts The Virus

Recently, Abir has asked all his colleagues and others as well, to test for the virus. The news of the virus attack has already put many in worried state. Many of his fans are worried at the moment. Many of the well-wishers have wished the actor best of luck. Abir Chatterjee has thanked everyone who has wished him, lately.

The Corona Attack

A news of the actor getting infected with virus came into light last Sunday. Abir had himself revealed about the whole episode on social media. All his fans and friends from Tinsel town have wished him a quick recovery. Mimi Chakraborty is on top of the list of well-wishers for Abir Chatterjee. He is one of Mimi Chakraborty’s closest friends. Mimi had made a video call to Abir, to wish him well. Mimi had posted a screenshot of the conversation on her Instagram account. Mimi had made the video call sitting inside her car.

Abir was also seen smiling, despite the infection. He seemed to be in happy space. Abir himself said, that he was asymptomatic. He was not having any physical problems. However, he had only lost his sense of smell and could not taste the food.

Abir Chatterjee Attacked By Corona, Hospitalized

The actor has been busy with his other projects lately. The other jury members of the show are in isolation currently. Another jury member of the show ‘Saregamapa,’ Iman Chakraborty tested negative to the virus.

A lot of celebs have tested positive for the virus currently. They include Director and producer Raj Chakraborty, Koel Mullick, Neel Bhattacharya, Neha Amandeep, Vivaan Ghosh and many many more. The entire Tollywood industry is working relentlessly to cover up for the lost days in the lockdown. Everybody seems to be taking utmost care to keep the virus at bay. Still, many are getting infected today. Now, that you have come to know about the virus and its infections, keep protection nearby.

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