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Abhinav Bindra : Hopeful of India recording best-ever medal haul

The only individual of India who become a gold medallist in the Olympics – Abhinav Bindra. He is now hopeful that the country will record its best ever medal haul in the upcoming mega – event that is happening in Tokyo, he said that each of the athlete can be counted and can be taken as a realistic prospect

The best showing in the field of games of India were the six medals that were won in London back in the year 2012.

Bindra said on 4th January, Monday in a webinar that was organised by the Merchants chamber of Commece and Industry, he said that the Tokyo Olympics could end up with getting our best ever medal haul even though we all were having the tough times due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

He also added saying that sport is not scripted but he hopes that they come back with their best medal haul and that means that they will come back with 5-6 medals and it would be better than the London haul, which, if he says if he is not wrong, it will remains to be their best.

Abhinav Bindra was the one who had created history by winning the first and only Olympic gold medal in the year 2008 at the Beijing Games, he is optimistic about a strong performance with the Indian shooting in the Japanese capital. 

Bindra says that he thinks each and every them has the ability to do and give their best and that they all have proved themselves and their talents in the last two-three years. Also there are definite hopes for the medals not just in the field of shooting but also across the disciplines as well. They have many people in our country who can be considered as the realistic hopes for the medals and who are going into Tokyo. But he says that a lot of it also depends on that particular day of the game.

Abhinav Bindra : Hopeful of India recording best-ever medal haul
Abhinav Bindra : Hopeful of India recording best-ever medal haul

This former world champion who did 10m air rifle had turned into an entrepreneur after the Rio Olympics that happened in 2016, he said that he likes sports but the adaptability and acceptance should also come handy in business.

Bindra said that whenever he is in a crisis situation, and that whenever he finds a challenge he will look back at his sporting career and then ask himself that how did he face that.

He said as an athlete one has to be very adaptable to the changing situations that are faced and that all these are also very useful in business as well.

He feels the other important thing is the acceptance. Sometimes one has to learn how to accept and also move on. As one will do that his mind opens,  will open up to look at the solutions rather than just whining. The mind is then very positive but he also feels that it is easier to just say than to actually do it.

He also said that the scenario of the shooting has changed a lot from around 22 years ago when he had joined.  

He responded to a question saying that shooting is now dominated by the youngsters but when he was growing up, he was competing with older and also with the experienced people who were double or triple than their age. He dose not think it was a challenge for them but it was an interesting dynamic.

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