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71 countries, 58 million doses, India’s vaccine diplomacy gets Quad booster

71 countries, 58 million doses, India’s vaccine diplomacy gets Quad booster. It has been 55 days, 71 countries, 586 lakh doses and it is included in India’s Covid-19 vaccine talks. And the first Quad leader conference on Friday gave him a completely new gun.

While the 80.75 lakh prices were sent as a gift for free of charge, 165.24 lakh prices were submitted as part of the Covax machine under the aegis of the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization. Approximately 339.67 lakh prices were sent as part of the trading deals.

Less than a fifth of the total stock of New Vaccine Maitri, 90 lakh volumes, went to Bangladesh, the highest receiver among the neighbors. Pakistan will receive antiretroviral drugs made in India.

Overall, this unprecedented move includes the Southern Hemisphere – including Argentina, Brazil, Egypt and South Africa. Of the 71 countries, at least 37 have received free anti-retroviral treatment, 17 of which are Covax, most of the combination of these two commercials.

71 countries, 58 million doses, India’s vaccine diplomacy gets Quad booster
71 countries, 58 million doses, India’s vaccine diplomacy gets Quad booster

In fact, India has distributed vaccines to at least 50% of the Developed Developed Countries (LDCs) and one-third of the Small Island Developing Countries (SID). These are large groups of small countries with an influential voice in the United Nations.

While most countries in the Indian Ocean region have been vaccinated, Pacific Island countries and those in Southeast Asia follow. Indeed, this is at the heart of Quad’s “massive integration” program, which is the US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan spoke at a White House forum on Friday night: Quad is also committed to delivering up to 1 million volumes to ASEAN, Indo-Pacific, and beyond by the end of 2022. ”

Sources said the key to India’s diplomatic immunization program has come under the Quad vaccine program where the vaccine will go to the Indo-Pacific countries – a battleground for competition between China and Quad’s influence.

Since the beginning of March, China – according to Chinese news source Caixin – has sent the drug to 28 countries.

China, in fact, has announced 3 lakh prices in Myanmar but will still bring in anything, while India will immediately send 1.7 million. Similarly, Indian vaccines reached Cambodia and Afghanistan, before the Chinese vaccination.

From India’s point of view, the “speed” used to deliver.

Significantly, according to Duke University’s Global Health Institute, developed countries with 16% of the world’s population, including Canada, the US and the UK – each of which has repeatedly secured adequate immunizations – have access to 60% of the world’s vaccines themselves. Other countries that regulate things beyond their domestic needs include Australia, Chile, and several members of the European Union.

“Most developing countries would not have received their treatment in advance if India had not provided it,” the official said.

Through Foreign Secretary Harsh Vardhan Shringla, this reinforces the “international co-operation and globalization” that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has spoken about.

He said the Quad vaccination program “confirmed our reputation as a reliable manufacturer of high-quality vaccines and pharmaceutical products.” In this context, he referred to the supply of India Hydroxychloroquine, PPE kits and test kits to as many countries as one hundred during the epidemic.

At a time when “national immunization” is common, sources say Delhi’s assets make it an important political step in the year when India is at the UN Security Council and before the G-20 will take over in 2023, the official said.

Stringring added that the global supply “will not at all affect the production of our home medicine”.

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