Covid Hits Delhi – Know on Lockdown 2022

In 2020, the lockdown for covid in Delhi and the whole country was imposed in a same way. But during the second wave in 2021, Delhi facing the same outcome from 2021. The rules began with a night curfew and then it turned out as a full lockdown. What does the past want to tell us? Is the national capital getting ready for another lockdown?

on Tuesday, the Delhi government announced a weekend curfew in delhi after a meeting with the Delhi Disaster Management Authority (DDMA). The decision was taken that after the restrictions under the Yellow alert (Level 1) of the Covid Graded Response Action Plan (GRAP). The curfew of the weekend order by the DDMA has reclaim the speculation of lockdown returning to Delhi.

In 2020, a lockdown was confirmed in Delhi and the rest of the country was the native example of it. In 2021, the restrictions in Delhi came accrodingly. And when the second wave rushed into Delhi’s healthcare infrastructure, the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP)-led government was forced to did the full lockdown.

The first wave Of COVID:-

In 2020, Delhi and even the whole country was surprised by the impact of nature. Infact in all the states, full fledged lockdown was announced in Delhi after Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s decision. The lockdown held between March 22 and May 18. And also the process of unlocking started on May 19 with the coordination of Centre.

The First Wave


In 2021, Covid-19 cases started to increase in the first week of April and created a spotted history by the end of the month. The Delhi government began its restrictions on public reliability to stop the spread of this covid-19 along with the night curfew. Later, it was applied to announced a lockdown.

Covid Attack After weekend curfew, is Delhi ready for a lockdown?
The Second Wave

NIGHT CURFEW of Delhi ON APRIL 6, 2021:-

A night curfew was announced in Delhi on April 6 and all the public activities was restricted between 10 pm and 5 am. The night curfew is disable during day naturally. Today 3,548 fresh Covid cases were recorded in Delhi in just 24 hours and 15 people died due to the disease.

Weekend Curfew Announced for covid On April 15:-

Now in the night curfew, a weekend curfew was announced in Delhi on April 15, 2021. All public movements and services were restricted in the Delhi between 10 pm on Friday and 5 am on Monday.

On the day the restriction was made in Delhi, Today our capital reported 16,699 fresh Covid cases within 24 hours and deaths due to Covid was 112. The rate of positivity on the day was 20.22%.

Covid Attack After weekend curfew, is Delhi ready for a lockdown?

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