Market 2021 , A Year Of Glorious Opportunity In The Job

India’s Job market, which was in some trouble during the first ever lockdown of 2020, now finally showing postive increase.

Around 60% of indian population reported losing a job in 2020 have found themselves in the industry , the recent data from the latest YouGov-Mint-CPR Millennial Survey.

The urban Indians are now ready and they have a hope to find a new job, and also prepared to take the circumstances regarding this covid situation.

The journey of 2021 :-

The journey of 2021 was not so smooth at all , when the second wave came. Now one in a five will respondent as their jobloss , in a related survey in 2020 the percentage of the jobloss persons was 17%. This is also for them those who found a job later again. The unemployement rises majorly among younger indians.

2021, a year of glorious opportunity in the job market
People need a job

But who’s end was good the entire work was on it’s high mark. 8% of the population in the job market were out of work at the end of the 2021, extracted from a survey.

The latest survey :-

The latest Survey it is spotted that YouGov-Mint-CPR Millennial covered 12,900 interviewer across 206 cities. Now the age ratio around about 45% of the sample were millennials, one-third post of aged 18-24, and the rest aged 40+.

The market problem of unemployement:-

Apart from the unemployement problem the intence on their jobs had increased . This comes with a positive awareness of the economic stability in India. Almost 15% residence in economy was already convinced that the previous situation before this pandemic might back.

Survey pollee were more intense to find a work for them which can be easy than the pre-pandemic situation.The worst case situation is that the job is too limited in front of the large population of india . Around 60% of the population still think that to find the appropriate job is difficult for them.

Market 2021 , A Year Of Glorious Opportunity In The Job

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