Nobel Prize Banquet Postponed Due to Pandemic

STOCKHOLM, Sweden, September 23 (Reuters) – The Nobel Foundation announced on Thursday that there will be no banquet in Stockholm this year and that laureates will receive their medals and diplomas in their home countries.

As the epidemic raged across Europe and the rest of the world last year, the customary festivities were replaced with a mostly digital celebration.

“I suppose everyone would prefer the COVID-19 pandemic to be finished, but we aren’t there yet,” the Nobel Foundation said in a statement, adding that despite the laureates’ absence, it hoped to stage a small, local award ceremony.

Nobel Prize Banquet Postponed Again in 2021 Due to Pandemic
Nobel Prize Banquet Postponed Again in 2021 Due to Pandemic

The Norwegian Nobel Committee is considering giving the Nobel Peace Prize in an in-person ceremony in Oslo.

The Nobel Foundation stated, “The Committee will unveil the format of the Nobel ceremonies in Oslo in mid-October.”

The World Food Programmed Banquet received the Nobel Peace Prize last year in a virtual ceremony.

The Nobel Prizes will be announced from October 4 to 11 for achievements in medicine, physics, chemistry, literature, peace, and economics.

The Nobel Prizes have been granted since 1901, according to the will of Swedish dynamite inventor and industrialist Alfred Nobel.

Johan Aulander contributed reporting, and Simon Johnson and Hugh Lawson edited the piece.

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The event will be televised and streamed live on the Nobel Foundation’s social media outlets.

The Nobel Foundation’s Executive Director, Vidar Helgesen, was quoted in the statement as saying, “I think everyone would prefer the Covid-19 pandemic to be gone, but we are not there yet.”

Every year on December 10th, a ceremony commemorating the death of Swedish chemist and inventor Alfred Nobel is conducted in the Swedish capital.

The Nobel Prizes are given out on that day each year.

The Nobel Laureates traditionally attend the award ceremony and luncheon in person, as well as several Nobel Week activities including talks and concerts.

Due to the epidemic, the Nobel Prize winners for 2020 were presented with their awards in their home countries, and the ceremony was streamed life online.

The banquet from the previous year was likewise canceled.

Nobel Prize Banquet Postponed Again in 2021 Due to Pandemic

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