An Ethical Lifestyle: 4 Benefits Of A Vegan Diet

Thanks to the rise of plant-based products, veganism is no longer a hard diet to maintain, with many options being available. If you are considering giving up meat and animal by products, you should check out the six benefits of a vegan diet.

An Ethical Lifestyle: 4 Benefits Of A Vegan Diet

A Happier Lifestyle

According to a recent study by Tracking Happiness, vegans placed themselves at 7.27 on a scale from 1 to 10 for personal happiness, while meat-eaters gave themselves an average rating of 6.80. Vegans’ compassionate lifestyles are likely the cause of their increased happiness, as they strive to spare animal suffering, protect the planet, and can enjoy a clean conscience.

A Lifesaving Diet

You might be shocked to learn that each vegan will save nearly 200 animals every year. It is, without a doubt, the best way to prevent animal suffering and unnecessary loss of life. Also, the diet can help reduce climate change and world hunger.

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A Healthier Weight

Studies have found that vegans often have a much lower body mass index than meat-eaters, as vegan foods often include less saturated fat than meat or animal by-products. Plus, it will allow you to avoid foods that can cause cardiovascular disease, cancer or a stroke, thereby potentially adding years to your life.

A Nutrient-Rich Lifestyle

If you want to absorb more nutrients each day, a balanced vegan diet might be an ideal option. By incorporating more fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, pulses and grains into your meals, you will likely consume more vitamins, fibre, potassium, antioxidants, folate and magnesium.

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An Ethical Lifestyle: 4 Benefits Of A Vegan Diet

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