Young People Are Spending More Money in 2021

Clutch surveyed Americans to find out whether they were spending more or less than in 2020. The data reveals that consumers are in general spending more than they had been a year ago, and that middle-aged people have adapted to online shopping.

After a year of saving, young Americans are ready to open their wallets, which experts attribute to the improved economic environment and a reduction in COVID-related restrictions.

 Young People Are Spending More Money in 2021

48% of Young People Are Spending More Money

Half of people between 35 and 54 (50%) say that their online spending has increased in 2021. In comparison, only 43% of people between 18 and 34 and 37% of those 55 and older have reported increased online spending this year. according to a new survey from Clutch, the leading B2B ratings and reviews platform.

Experts say that reduced in-person commerce during COVID-19 made middle-aged consumers more comfortable with online shopping.

PCT Magazine - May 2020 - First Person: How Consumer Spending Impacts Us

“Prior to the pandemic, most middle-aged people used to do their shopping and buying in-person,” said Cindy Corpis, CEO of SearchPeopleFree, a software development firm. “But since the pandemic, there has been a shift to online shopping.”

Corpis believes that the increase in online shopping by middle-aged consumers is a strong sign for the future of e-commerce.

48% of Young People Say They Are Spending More Money in 2021

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