Three Futuristic Water Purifying Technologies

There are three such technologies of which some are already incorporated in products available in the market whereas some are still in the offing. 

The water purifying technologies are

  • Nanotechnology
  • Acoustic nanotubes
  • Automatic variable filtration


Nanotechnology is a technology that works at the nanoscale or atomic or molecular scale. When the term is applied to water purifying technology, you are given to understand that it employs different modules for softening and removing many types of contaminants from water.

For that matter, even the conventional systems do the same. But what underscore the difference between the two are the basic technologies that are used and their respective efficiency. It is also more cost-effective. That’s added advantage. The nanotechnology uses different media for filtration including nanoparticles, nanophotocatalysts, nanomembranes and nanoadsorbents.

Three Futuristic Water Purifying Technologies

Acoustic Nanotubes

It was originated with Johnson Space Center of NASA. As the name suggests, it makes use of acoustics instead of pressure in order to drive water through carbon nanotubes. The very idea of putting together molecular screen and carbon nanotubes and driving water through this filtration system with the help of acoustics is quite unique.

Moreover, it is absolutely energy efficient when compared to the traditional filtration systems. But, the advantage does not stop there! It also dispenses with the bother of cleaning the system that is used for filtration.

ARYUSH INDUSTRIES: Acoustics Nanotube Technology

Automatic Variable Filtration

It works through a stream of water flowing into the twin AVF units provided with descending bed filters, and thence the filtered water flows upward and, then, out of the AVF unit. The dirty water passes through Air Lift and is eliminated from the system.

One may ask how pure the filtrate could be when compared with the end-results of systems using membranes. Interestingly, the AVF filtration is totally on par with the efficiency that we may expect from micro-filtration technology. Also, it is a lot more cost-effective in terms of operation and maintenance than any other technology we know about so far.

Get Membrane like Performance without Membrane !!!!! “AUTOMATED VARIABLE  FILTRATION” AVF TECHNOLOGY

Three Futuristic Water Purifying Technologies

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