A Real Recovery For Women Cannot Happen Without The Build Back Better Agenda

The COVID-19 pandemic has put the United States through an unprecedented economic crisis and shone a spotlight on long-standing challenges to American families and economic growth. While people across the country have struggled, American women—and particularly women of color—have absorbed the harshest effects of the pandemic as caregivers and essential workers, and they continue to be disproportionately left behind in the recovery. This did not happen by chance; long-standing gaps in work-family policies and instability in low-wage service and care sector jobs have gone and continue to go unaddressed, primarily affecting the economic lives of women—and women of color in particular.

A Real Recovery For Women Cannot Happen Without The Build Back Better Agenda
A Real Recovery For Women Cannot Happen Without The Build Back Better Agenda

President’s agenda on effectiveness:-

President Joe Biden led a powerful and effective response to the emergency through the American Rescue Plan, and Congress is on track to move forward a bipartisan package to address America’s infrastructure. This infrastructure bill would be a boon for America’s economic growth—one that presidents of both parties have tried and failed to accomplish for decades as America’s crumbling roads and bridges, insufficient broadband access, and other dilapidated infrastructure have held back economic growth.

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However, if funding infrastructure is the only action taken by Congress and the rest of President Biden’s “Build Back Better” agenda remains unpassed, there will be little hope for a balanced, sustainable, and equitable economic recovery. Specifically, as vital as the jobs created by the bipartisan infrastructure bill would be, they would almost all be created in occupations that overwhelmingly employ men, without support for occupations primarily held by women.

Leaving women behind again would hold back families and the economy for yet another generation. But the broader Build Back Better agenda, which has already been set in motion with a reconciliation framework in the Senate, would do more agenda than just go back to business as usual and finally, after decades of need, tackle fundamental obstacles for women in the economy.

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