Use of technology to attract and retain in-store customers

Technology has been used to improve customer engagement and experience for many years now, and its benefits extend across both online and offline retail. From VR to cool new gadgets, consumers love immersive experiences in this type of shopping. Brands and retailers need to work harder to create memorable and engaging in-store experiences.

Use of technology to attract and retain in-store customers

Types of in-store technology 

  • Digital signage (displaying brand ads) 
  • VR installations (live events or virtual tours) 
  • AR experiences (virtual fitting rooms) 
  • Mobile apps, etc

Gives an option to ‘try before you buy’

77 percent of consumers believe the biggest advantage of shopping in store is the ability to touch, try on and see products, so allowing customers this opportunity with things like AR technology can encourage in store sales.

Increases convenience

Consumers today want everything as quickly and conveniently as possible, with 52 percent of shoppers saying that half or more of their purchases are controlled by convenience. Offering in-store technology solutions such as mobile apps, touch-screen kiosks, and the checkout solutions mentioned above can massively increase convenience.

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Gives an option to ‘try before you buy’

In-store technology benefits for businesses 

Increases footfall

John Lewis previously introduced an AR implementation which can create a real buzz between shoppers and encourage in-store footfall. It also allowed customers to re-design a room in their home via a 3D room set on a tablet. After the experience, customers were emailed details of the space with shoppable links, therefore encouraging sales.

Encourages customer retention

If customers have a good experience at a store, they’re more likely to become repeat customers (and they will tell their friends about the store).

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In-store technology Encourages customer retention

Technology forms the backbone of omnichannel retail, and in 2021, we all understand the importance of omnichannel retail for a first-class customer experience.

Use of technology to attract and retain in-store customers

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