Focus on villages to reach world level in sports

Now India’s focus should be on keeping this momentum going. International sport is a high-pressure business. Every country tries hard to climb to greater heights since achievements in sport enhance the country’s prestige throughout the world.

Level in sports :

At the Tokyo Olympic Games, with a haul of seven medals including one precious Gold, India awoke to a new dawn in the Land of the Rising Sun. Never before, in the history of our participation in the Olympic Games, had India done as well as it did in Tokyo. The previous best had been six medals at the London Olympics in 2012. But the tally had no gold in it. This time, javelin thrower Neeraj Chopra provided the golden sheen to our medal haul on the penultimate day of the competitions.

After growing up in a small rural village of Amadalavalasa near Srikakulam, she made history by becoming the first Indian woman to stand at the Olympic Games when she won a bronze medal at the Sydney Olympics.

Focus on villages to reach world level in sports
Level of Focus should rise on villages to reach heights in sports

Vice-Chancellor of the University’s statement

“Right now we are about to start the Delhi Sports University,” said Malleshwari, who has been named Vice-Chancellor of the University. “It is called a university but we will begin admitting children from the 6th class. Selection will be done from all over India. Our objective is to train them so well that they will be ready to take part in international events by the time they are 18 years old,” she added.

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So, from the information provided by the famous weightlifter, it is clear that multiple plans are in progress to take India to the highest levels in international sport. But in India many schemes get underway with great fanfare but soon get bogged down in favoritism and political interference. One hopes that this time the usual story will not be repeated and that India too will go from strength to strength and reach the topmost level of world sport.

Focus on villages to reach world level in sports

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