This Engineering Stock has doubled shareholders Money in One Month

2021 has spotted large number of shares yielding more than 100 per cent return to its share holders. This multibagger stock list in 2021 inserts both small-cap and mid-cap funds. There are some funds that have exceeded the benchmark return by massive margin.

Ghaziabad-based engineering company Goodluck India shares are one of them. In the last one month, Goodluck India share price has flowed from ₹111.45 per stock levels to ₹225.50 per share mark — logging more than 102 per cent rise in just one month time-horizon. That means the stock has doubled its shareholders money in the last one month.

This engineering multibagger stock has doubled shareholders' money in one month
Multibagger fund has doubled shareholders’ money in one month

In the last six months, Goodluck India share has soared from 68 per stock mark to ₹225.50 — logging over 230 per cent rise. It has been an outperforming as it has delivered more than 500 per cent return to its shareholders in the last one year.

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Senior Research Analyst said on Stock

 Senior Research Analyst at SMC Global Securities said, “Those who have this share in its portfolio, are advised to hold the counter maintaining trailing stop loss at ₹210. This share has immediate hurdle at ₹245 and on the breakage of this hurdle it can go up to ₹262 per it levels.” 

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However, he strictly advised investors to take any fresh position in the counter as the fund has been hitting upper circuit for the last four trade sessions.

If we look at the Goodluck India Share performance in the last one month, its return is robust over 102 per cent.

This engineering stock has doubled shareholders’ money in one month

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