Yes, Money Can Buy You Time And Happiness

Can money buy happiness? The jury is divided on that, but my own experience and journey of financial freedom makes me believe that it can buy time and help achieve some happiness. But a lot depends on how you deal with it.

Investors often spend so much time searching for the “best” investment product that can give the highest returns in the shortest period. With the continued bull market and low interest rates, investors are investing in high-return products, but without being fully cognizant of the high risk involved.

Investors also do not judge if they have the time and ability to manage these investments. I recently read about a group of investors who spent 10 years trying to get their money back from an art fund.

Yes, Money Can Buy You Time And Happiness
Yes, It Can Buy You Time And Happiness

Having Much Money is a problem

While one may argue that these are high net-worth investors, would they really want their hard-earned it and time spent in fighting court cases? What if markets crash or the NCD (non-convertible debenture) defaults? Would investors want to use their resources in grievance redressal, or would they prefer to use the money to make life convenient, thus freeing up time?

Yes, Money Can Buy You Time And Happiness

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