Coronavirus and Diabetes: Steps a diabetic patient must take to stay healthy

Adding diabetes does not directly make a person prone to COVID-19, but it sure makes one more vulnerable to develop serious complications once infected. This can be established by looking at the data of the first and second waves which revealed that a lot of people who were hospitalised or developed serious symptoms had high blood sugar levels. With around 12 per cent of Indians suffering from diabetes, it is crucial for a diabetic patient at the current time to keep oneself healthy and safe. Here are some steps they can take during the pandemic and adjust to the new normal.

Coronavirus :- Steps a diabetic patient must take to stay healthy

Sugar and sweets are not the only things that a diabetic patient must stay away from. Several other food items may spike the blood sugar level and should be excluded from the diet. Starchy vegetables, refined flour and trans fats are some of them. Green vegetables, whole grains, citrus fruits and nuts should be a part of their daily diet. A nutrient-rich diet also boosts your immune health.

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A major risk for Diabetes:-

The major risk factor in the case of diabetes is the uncontrolled blood sugar level. And to bring back the sugar level in control, it is crucial to stay active and exercise daily. Whether you choose to walk, run or lift weight all are effective workout options. Moderate exercising for 30-45 minutes is enough to stay healthy. You just need to be consistent and perform exercises correctly.

Coronavirus and Diabetes: Steps a diabetic patient must take to stay healthy

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