NHRC team member visiting Kolkata alleges attack; no police complaint lodged

Atif Rasheed, deputy chairman of the National Commission for Minorities and a member of a team set up by the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) to look into allegations of post-election violence in West Bengal, was attacked by goons on Tuesday during a visit to Jadavpur area south of Kolkata.

The incident took place in the Dompara area where crematories live in crematoriums or mortuaries.

Rashid Munir Khan, deputy commissioner of police (south of the suburban division), told HT that no police complaint had been lodged by Rasheed or a member of the NHRC.

“A police team accompanied the NHRC team. It gave me a report. In Dompara, some people have chanted slogans against the NHRC group. Some of the rebels seemed to be under the influence of alcohol, which is not uncommon among these people. Rasheed did not lodge a complaint with the police. If he has one file, we will definitely look into it, ”said Khan.

Rasheed’s allegations come on a day when another truth-seeking group set up by the call for justice, Call for Justice, said that simultaneous violence in West Bengal villages and villages hours after the convention’s decision was “uncommonly planned, organized and conspicuous”. of the Mamata-Banerjee government and the Center.

Rasheed was among seven people on the NHRC panel including a member of the West Bengal Human Rights Commission and a member of the West Bengal State Legal Services Authority.

NHRC team member visiting Kolkata alleges attack; no police complaint lodged
NHRC team member visiting Kolkata alleges attack; no police complaint lodged

The team is led by Rajiv Jain, former head of the Intelligence Bureau who took over the membership of the NHRC on June 2. Other institutions are National Women’s Commission member Rajulben L Desai, NHRC investigator (director) Santosh Mehra and Deputy Inspector-General (investigation) Manzil Saini, registrar West Bengal Human Rights Pradip Kumar Panja and West Bengal State Legal Services Authority Secretary Raju Mukherjee.

Panel members, divided into two groups, travel to the northern and southern regions of Bengal. They have already met with more than 100 family members. The camp was held on the eastern edge of Kolkata on Monday when many people came to give their statements.

On June 21, the Calcutta High Court dismissed a petition filed by the West Bengal government seeking a reversal of a June 18 order asking the NHRC to investigate allegations of human rights violations during the weekend after the rally. The high court asked the NHRC to submit its report by June 30, the day after the trial.

Opposition leader in the Bengal assembly Suvendu Adhikari and Lok Sabha member Locket Chatterjee raised the issue on social media and called for action. However, Congress of Trinamool leaders did not respond to the incident until 6 p.m.

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