States will get 120 million Covid-19 vaccine doses for July

States will get 120 million Covid-19 vaccine doses for July. The central government will distribute 120 million doses of coronavirus vaccine – 100 million Covishield guns and 20 million Covaxin vaccines – to all provinces and unions of the month in July, according to previously shared information, people familiar with the matter said on Sunday.

The 120 million doses will be for the total Covid-19 treatment nationwide in July – 75% of which will be given to the Union provinces and territories upon receipt by the Institute, with the remaining 25% by private hospitals, according to the country’s new vaccine policy.

This development comes after India recorded its excellent vaccination week – an estimated six million doses were administered daily in the country between June 21 and June 27 after the start of a new phase of the government’s vaccination campaign.

Experts, however, warn that the daily vaccination rate could see a drop in the country’s last week as 120 million doses spread throughout July translate into about 4 million doses a day.

States will get 120 million Covid-19 vaccine doses for July
States will get 120 million Covid-19 vaccine doses for July

In June, 106 million doses were given nationwide (an average of 3.9 million doses per month) by Sunday morning. Indeed, about 42 million of these were delivered this week alone.

The Department of Social Welfare and Family Welfare have been sharing the estimated number of immunizations available for a particular month with the provinces before the beginning of the month as part of its pre-screening program so that provinces and UT can prepare and plan vaccines effectively. A senior official of the Department of Health on condition of anonymity said that providing information on the availability of pre-vaccination doses helps provinces and Union Territories to plan their distribution of vaccines, and then allocate areas, more effectively.

The institute has established a system for measuring vaccine doses that need to be distributed to provinces, including people 18 years and older of the group of their choice; the burden of Covid-19 disease based on the number of active cases in each region; and the progress of vaccination there.

Two vaccines which are Covishield and Covaxin – are currently part of the government’s vaccination program. While the local Serum Institute of India developed the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine under the brand name Covishield, Bharat Biotech and the Indian Council of Medical Research combined Covaxin.

Another Covid-19 vaccine, Russian-made by Sputnik V, developed by the Galeleya Institute, also received national approval for emergency use on April 13, and is now being used in private Covid-19 vaccines in the country under test mode.

India has so far spent 371.8 million doses on 265.4 million people since January 16, 2021, when the national Covid-19 vaccination campaign was launched. A total of 209 million people received a single dose, and 56.4 million people were completely vaccinated by Sunday morning, according to government data.

The government, however, has said it plans to raise vaccines.

Dr NK Arora, chairman of the Covid-19 vaccination team said that they are planning to use close to 10 million doses in one day in August. The program will increase the number of vaccines in the coming months.

However, the ultimate goal of earning $ 10 million a day will depend almost entirely on resources, as the country has shown that it has the infrastructure and staff to bring in more volume per day (8.6 million volumes were given on June 21). To achieve this goal throughout August, the country will need more than 300 million doses for that month.

While Covishield’s assets have been increased by the Serum Institute of India to produce 100 million doses per month, increasing Covaxin’s monthly supply could take a long time, even though the institute announced in the past that Covaxin production could increase by 100 million per month in September.

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