BTS asks for ‘permission to dance’ in new Butter concept photos

BTS fans weren’t ready for members to start a new look at the new Butter concept images. On Sunday, BTS dropped dozens of photos alone and a group photo as they prepared to release a CD version of Butter.

In pictures, the title is ‘Butter concept photos 1’, RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook add new hairstyles. When BTS leader RM started her blue hair, Jin was wearing brown tresses. Suga was spotted with dark curly hair with a bright pink color.

J-Hope put her hair in an ombre shade, with a bright purple hue. Jimin moved from his rainbow dye to a dark red shade. UV was spotted with black hair with a mullet style while Jungkook retained his purple color.

BTS asks for 'permission to dance' in new Butter concept photos
BTS asks for ‘permission to dance’ in new Butter concept photos

If the hairstyles weren’t big enough to surprise, members were seen experimenting with jackets and skirts, skirts and other accessories. In addition to their new look, fans with eagle eyes have noticed the resources available in the group photo. A pamphlet with the words ‘permission to dance’, a diary with the words ‘For the army’ and ‘happy’, toy guns, a few pieces of chess, and glasses of milk were among the many items seen in the pictures.

Butter 1 photos came hours after overseas artist Ed Sheeran revealed that he has worked with BTS on a new song. Appearing on the American radio show Most Requested Live, Ed revealed that he has worked with BTS to find a new track. “I actually worked with BTS on their last record, and I just wrote a song for their new record. And they look like big boys, cool again,” he said. However, it is unclear if the song he is referring to is the same as the members who will be preparing to release it soon.

The Butter CD version is expected to be released on July 9, coinciding with the day BTS announced its pastoral name shortly after its launch.

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