Biden tells Afghan leaders ‘your country’s fate in your hands now’

U.S. President Joe Biden on Friday reassured Afghan Afghan leaders Ashraf Ghani and Abdullah Abdullah of continued US support after the withdrawal of troops but made it clear that Afghanistan’s destiny was now in the hands of its people. He told that the people of Afghanistan will have to decide their future, what they want.

Afghan President Ghani, at the same time, sought to show confidence in the face of the reviving Taliban. He dismissed a US intelligence report predicting the fall of Kabul six months after the last U.S. military, scheduled to begin in July, said the worst prediction had “turned into a lie” in the past.

Biden and Ghani, who was accompanied by Abdullah Abdullah, chairman of Afghanistan’s Supreme Council for Reconciliation Council, met at the White House amid growing concerns about the end of the current government, the escalating violence by the Taliban, who have since left peace talks until US troops left.


Biden officials have acknowledged concerns about the violence, but have not yet shown any signs of slowing down or stopping the military. In a statement on the matter, the Secretary of State Antony Blinken said in Paris on Thursday during this week that the United States was assessing the situation in Afghanistan and that “whether the Taliban were serious about resolving the conflict peacefully”.

But Biden did not indicate any change. “It is possible that our troops are leaving but our support for Afghanistan is not limited to supporting and maintaining military aid as well as economic and political support,” said President Biden, seeking to reassure Afghan leaders.

But, he added, “Afghan people will have to decide their future, what they want, what they want”.

Gani welcomed Biden’s decision as “historic” but expressed frustration, saying, “We have made everyone rethink and rethink.”

President Biden, who was running for the White House another promise, among other things, to end endless wars, shocked the world by announcing that all US troops would leave Afghanistan on September 11, the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks that took over US-occupied countries. forced to Afghanistan in search of al-Qaeda.

The last U.S. troops are now expected to leave the region as soon as July, ahead of schedule. Also, there is growing concern that the Taliban are moving too fast to take the country to war and not through peaceful negotiations as envisaged under an agreement signed with Trump administration in February 2020, backed by Biden.


“We will enter a new chapter in our relationship where cooperation with the United States would not be military, but complete, in the interests of all of us,” Gani said. “And we are very encouraged and satisfied that this partnership is possible.”

Gani and Abdullah had a series of meetings starting with Biden’s top executives such as security secretary Lloyd Austin, national security adviser Jake Sullivan, CIA director William Burns and several attorneys.

Ghana was asked about a US intelligence report predicting Kabul’s fall in six to 12 months during a visit to the Pentagon to meet Austin. He said that there’s been a lot of speculation like that, and it all turned out to be a lie.

Husain Haqqani, Pakistan’s former ambassador to the US and a collaborator with the Hudson Institute, said both sides benefited from Friday’s meetings. Biden “wanted to show that the withdrawal of US troops was not to overthrow Afghanistan” and that Ghani and Abdullah “wanted to show that the people of Afghanistan are united in the fight against the Taliban and could defend their country with US economic aid and military equipment. Both have achieved their goal.” .


However, Haqqani warned of worsening security situation in Afghanistan, describing it as “similar”

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