US intelligence warns Kabul could fall in 6 months after US pull-out: Report

U.S. intelligence has warned that Kabul, Afghanistan’s capital, could fall into a new Taliban insurgency within six months, leaving the last U.S. and foreign troops dead, the Wall Street Journal reported on Wednesday – ahead of a meeting at the White House on Friday between President Joe Biden and senior Afghan leaders. Ashraf Ghani and Abdullah Abdullah.

The warning comes amid growing global concerns over Taliban gain since May 1, when US and allied forces began to leave Afghanistan in line with Biden’s timetable for ending the withdrawal on September 11 – the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks led to an attack on Afghanistan in 2001.

India, a key player in the reconstruction of Afghanistan, has called for a halt to the UN-led fire in that country during a UN Security Council debate on Monday, marking a sudden increase in violence in the country since May 1.

The Wall Street Journal reported that US intelligence experts had previously speculated that President Ghani’s government would survive two years after the US withdrawal following the time of Saigon’s fall in Vietnam following the 1975 US withdrawal.

U.S. intelligence and military analysts have reviewed their tests and now believe Kabul could fall six to 12 months after the departure of U.S. troops, reports the WSJ, adding that officials in some western countries fear the capital may soon collapse, perhaps in three months.

U.S. troops plan to close the withdrawal as soon as possible in July, dropping from 3,500 currently set to zero, preventing a small army from being left behind to protect U.S. envoys and officials.

He said that he would say that while, in general, we are seeing more attacks on the ANDSF (National Defense and Security Forces) and the Afghan government compared to last year, we have not seen an increase in attacks on our troops since February 2020, White House press secretary Jen Psaki said in response to a question. about the rapid military gains made by the Taliban.

US intelligence warns Kabul could fall in 6 months after US pull-out: Report
US intelligence warns Kabul could fall in 6 months after US pull-out: Report

Psaki said that they are also exploring that, if we had not started pulling the trigger, violence would have increased in our area again after May 1, because that is what the Taliban was clearly conveying. Therefore, the current situation, in our view, was not an option.

The U.S. legislature, too, is concerned about the Taliban’s progress and sought assurances from US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin and chairman of the joint military faction Mark Milley’s congressional hearings on Wednesday.

Miley said, “Yes, we are worried, we are watching, but there is a combined 300,000 or reduced army of” Afghan soldiers and police “and it is their duty to protect their country”.

He said the Taliban group currently controls 81 centers in Afghanistan, but there are currently no city bodies.

Austin wanted to address complaints raised by lawmakers about US capabilities to prevent Afghanistan from falling back under terrorist rule after the withdrawal of troops, saying the United States has too much power to control Afghanistan, now its allies in the Gulf region and at sea.

“What we would like to do further is to reduce the number of legs that need to be used by getting an agreement with one of the neighboring countries to establish some of our ISR (Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance) in one of those countries,” Austin said.

Austin did not name the two countries, but Pakistan appears to be the frontrunner, as is evident in repeated public protests from Prime Minister Imran Khan, who has said his country will not agree to give American foundations on their land.

Asked about Khan’s position, a spokesman for the United States department told HT, “As President Biden said, the United States will re-organize our counter-terrorism capabilities and capital assets to prevent the appearance of terrorist threats, in Afghanistan or elsewhere in the United States.

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