Pfizer says its vaccine highly effective against Delta variant

Pfizer, who is in the final stages of negotiating with India, said on Thursday that its vaccine was very effective compared to Delta’s Covid-19 variant, a variant that has emerged as a new threat to the world. In India, Delta diversity has been cited as a reason for the second wave. A second version of this variant, called Delta Plus, has also been reported in India and other countries, including the UK and the US. Therefore, all vaccine manufacturers review their data on the effectiveness of vaccines.

Alon Rappaport, medical director at Pfizer in Israel, told local radio station Army Radio, Reuters reported that the data they have today, which we find in our laboratory research and including data from those areas where the Indian variant, Delta, has changed the British variant as a general variant, indicates that our vaccine is effective, about 90%, in preventing coronavirus infection, Covid-19.

Pfizer says its vaccine highly effective against Delta variant
Pfizer says its vaccine highly effective against Delta variant

As Pfizer looks ready to enter India, its effect compared to Delta’s diversity will intensify India’s fight against the Covid-19 epidemic. The union’s health department said both Covishield and Covaxin, two vaccines that were part of India’s vaccination campaign, were effective compared to other Delta varieties.

Sputnik V, a Russian-made vaccine now available in India, also claims that the vaccine works differently from Delta.

The Delta exception, which was first reported from India, has shown that it is more violent than its predecessor. It now controls about 100 percent of Covid-19 infections in the UK.

Pfizer in India

Pfizer chief executive Dr Albert Bourla recently said an agreement with the Indian government was being finalized. The company, as it has done in all other countries, was seeking legal protection in India, which first developed the bottle as no other vaccine maker enjoys the obligation in the country yet. Bourla said that his hope is that we will soon complete the approval of this product in India by the Indian health authorities and an agreement with the government so that we can start re-sending the drugs, on our part.

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