Kohli calls for best-of-three WTC finals, ‘not too bothered by this result’

India captain Virat Kohli, whose team played Test cricket two years ago reached the first WTC finals, but in order to stumble into the final hurdle, has hit three excellent finals that will determine the World Test Championship. Procedure test cricket, feels Kohli, highlighted that the nuances of the format cannot be fully utilized in a single game, and especially when it will be clarified the world champions of Test cricket.

“I totally disagree with deciding on the best Testing side in the world in one game. If it’s a Test series, it has to be a character test in three Tests – which team has the power to come back from the series, or completely blow up another team. “I can’t believe it anymore,” said Kohli, after losing eight wickets in India from Southampton to New Zealand.

Kohli calls for best-of-three WTC finals, 'not too bothered by this result'
Kohli calls for best-of-three WTC finals, ‘not too bothered by this result’

The idea for the top three series was touched on by Indian coach Ravi Shastri and other Indian cricketers, such as Yuvraj Singh and others. Even before the game, Kohli had emphasized that the team considered the match to be another Test match and that the result would not be of much importance given the high-level Test cricket the team had shown over the past two years.

Kohli added saying that It has to be hard work and something that needs to be worked on in the future.” At the end of three games, where there is effort, there are ups and downs, there are changes during the series, a chance to fix what you did in the first game, and see who is on the better side of the three games or something, it will be a good measure of how things really are.

He also said that and so we are not too worried about this result because we understand it as part of the Test they have done in the last 3-4 years, not just in the last 18 months. So this is not a measure of who we are as a team [with the ability] and talent they have had for so many years now.

In the last two Test series, India lost the opening game, but found a dramatic change in the rest of the series. In Australia, they were transported by boat to Adelaide, before showing the return of the wind to hit Australia on their ground for the second time in a row. Later, with England at home too, India took the series 3-1 after a complete defeat in the first Test. Knowing the WTC final, even though two days have elapsed, there is still enough time to find the winner and Kohli feels that this could only improve the chances of a third place final.

“Of course. If you’ve seen the way the game went, any time we came to the stadium, why don’t you want to see two other Tests of the same teams fight and, ultimately, become the world’s most successful Test Championship winners? in a period of three games or five games perhaps, with two teams competing and those series can be forgotten,.

“This is definitely a must-have. I am not saying this because we are not on the winning side, but just Test cricket and that this proverb is completely memorized, it should happen in at least three games, so you have a series to remember.

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